All the Roles of a Flight Attendant

Miss Lynn knows that any good flight attendant school will explain all of the different “hats” that flight attendants must wear! Takes notes! ♦♦ Flight attendants are the most highly visible employees on an aircraft. Flight attendants spend more time with passengers than any other airline employee and tend to their needs and requests. The Flight Attendant … Read more

10 Signs You Were Born to be a Flight Attendant

You just can’t help it. You love to travel. Maybe it’s in your DNA? Getting paid to see the world just makes sense. Look at our list and see if any of these sound familiar. 1. You have a mounted travel map in your room to track your trips. The décor is a constant source … Read more

Flight Attendant School- How to Get Hired

Miss Deanna knows how to become a flight attendant, so take notes! 1. Research the different airlines to see which would be a good fit for you. 2. Make sure you qualify for the position –age, height, clean criminal record, no tattoos that show (head, neck, hands and three inches above wrists). 3. Update your … Read more

Experience: The Greatest Flight Attendant School

Flight Attendant Instructor Ms. Lynn teaches you that the best flight attendant school is experience- along with The Travel Academy! Enjoy! Are you prepared for take-off with your seatbelt securely fastened? Are you ready to let your dreams come to life as you jet to new international destinations?  If so, Omni Air International may be … Read more

The History of the Flight Attendant Profession

The aircraft industry is not much more than 100 years old, and the history of flight attendants started in 1912. Ellen Church was the first female flight attendant and began flying in 1930. She made an impact on flight attendant requirements that lasted until World War II. She influenced airline companies to implement a plan requiring that all flight attendants be … Read more

It’s a Family Affair

The Travel Academy’s Flight Attendant and Cruise instructor- Peggy Hinsch- has been in the travel industry for 23 years. In that time, she has seen many things (all 50 states, 20 countries, the Eiffel Tower, Stonehenge, Tokyo, etc.) and shared many stories. But what some people don’t know is that her family is also very … Read more

Graduating From Flight Attendant School- Keep On Moving

Today marked the ending of the 120-Hour Overview students’ journey at The Travel Academy, but it also marked the beginning of their world journey as travel professionals. The ceremony was small but significant in the lives of seven bright and determined individuals. After encouraging words from president Curt Armstrong, students went up to receive their … Read more

Flight Attendant School- Emergency Evacuations

Today students in the 120-Hour Overview had their chance to practice performing emergency evacuations at a nearby flight training simulator facility. The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school has been training people in this procedure for years now. Ms. Julie, one of the school’s instructors, is a former flight attendant. Today she is sharing with us some of … Read more

Flight Attendants Experience More

Part of the allure (perhaps THE biggest part) of the flight attendant career is the adventure of it. One day, you’re in Milan checking out the latest fashion- the next day you’re in Hong Kong taking in a breathtaking skyline. It’s true; flight attendants have the opportunity to experience many things in life that others simply don’t … Read more

Flight Attendants Getting Hired

Today students from The Travel Academy had the good fortune to interview with representatives from GoJet Airlines (United/Delta Airlines carrier). It is at these recruiting and interview sessions that students can really demonstrate what they have learned with their flight attendant training at this school.  The day opened with the reps giving a general company … Read more