Flight Attendant School- How to Get Hired

Miss Deanna knows how to become a flight attendant, so take notes!

1. Research the different airlines to see which would be a good fit for you.

2. Make sure you qualify for the position –age, height, clean criminal record, no tattoos that show (head, neck, hands and three inches above wrists).

3. Update your résumé. It is best to use key words taken from the company’s job description in your objective.

4. Have your 10 year history in front of you when filling out the application. All of your jobs, addresses, and driving/criminal records.

5. Fill out the airline application, make sure they are accepting applications. Some airlines only open up for hiring once a year for one or two days.

6. The airline will contact you if they liked your application. It is getting more common to have the first interview conducted via Skype or other video.

  • Wear a business suit and your hair up.
  • Practice interview questions before.
  • Make sure the background is not distracting.

7. Next, you may get a phone interview or email inviting you to an Open House.

8. A mainline carrier usually provides your transportation to the Open House, however, for most other airlines, you will be responsible for your own transportation.

9. Arrive at the Open House at least an hour before the start time in your business suit with nylons and your hair up. Mingle with the other candidates as your interview starts now. Remember you are being watched.

  • Expect a company information session. Sit in the front row.
  • Next, each person will stand up and tell about themselves for one minute, so have something unique to say.
  • If you make it through this round, your name will be posted and you should come back at the posted time for group activities or a one-on-one interview. Practice interview questions that are in the STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, and Result).
  • Fingerprinting would be the next step if you are offered a position into the airlines next training class.