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The Travel Academy is grateful for (and proud of) the great things our graduates have said about their experience at TTA!


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Alyssa W.- June 2019
Flight Attendant

"Coming here I knew what I wanted and that it wasn't going to be easy but, it would be worth it. And it has been just that. I've gotten a great deal of opportunities from attending The Travel Academy. The advice given of "stay hungry" is very true. Show up, do your best, study hard but also have a bit of your own fun. Just never forget the real reason we are here."

Traci H.- May 2019
Flight Attendant

"I want to give thanks to TTA for the guiding me to my journey. Without the basic fundamentals of the course, I would not have landed my dream career today. I would like to say to fellow students- work hard, stay focused and your dreams will come true. Just a reminder you're not here for a job, you're here for a lifetime career change. I want to give special thanks to Ms. Lynn, Ms. Amy and Ms. Erin for working with me and believing in me to reach my dream career. I can proudly say, the sky is the limit because I now have my wings."

Gaby K.- May 2019
Flight Attendant

"While attending TTA, I benefited learning more about the aviation field, the whole process of becoming of flight attendant, and how to move up into different leadership roles. I am the first of my family to do anything related to the aviation industry and I needed some assistance getting my foot in the door and TTA definitely assisted me in doing so!"

Tianna L.- May 2019
Flight Attendant

“I would say the top 3 things I took with me from The Travel Academy would be trusting my teachers/trainers with all of the information that they are giving me. Also, literally everything from Ms. Lynn’s Flight Attendant Class gave me a major advantage. And lastly, using the professionalism I learned from The Travel Academy. I personally feel like if I not gone to The Travel Academy, I wouldn’t have done as good as I did. I really appreciate all that you’ve done for us throughout this journey."

Mamadou D.- April 2019
Flight Attendant

"It all pays off in the end. We attended the American Airline interview with 40 other candidates and did exactly what TTA taught us. We were the best out of the 11 candidates that received flight attendant offers. I really can’t thank TTA enough."

Kody C.- April 2019
Cruise Professional

One of the reasons I'm here is to inspire and show that there is more than just the 4 year college degree and that you can have a job that you love!

McKenzie C.- April 2018
Flight Attendant

The Travel Academy has turned my life around and pushed me to reach my full potential. My goals have been achieved and I am so grateful for the teachers and my classmates that have turned into friends. I can't wait to start this new journey as a flight attendant.

Kassandra C.- March 2018
Flight Attendant

My experience at The Travel Academy has been life-changing. I have met so many wonderful people, and I know that the training that I have experience here has prepared me to become a successful flight attendant.

Randi-Roy B.- February 2018
Flight Attendant

It was a very awesome experience. I was informed months before, and everything was what I expected. I've met so many individuals that have taught me and helped me develop to take on this new career. I'm very grateful, and I will cherish this experience for the rest of my life.

Tiffany D.- November 2017
Flight Attendant

I had the most wonderful experience at TTA. The friends I've made from all over the U.S. are those I will always stay in touch with. The instructors are extremely helpful and I could tell they are passionate in what they are teaching. The staff is also approachable when I had any concerns or questions.

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