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In only 7 weeks of our campus class, students get multiple interviews like with Delta Airlines! Check out what one of them has to say about how he achieved this and the advice he has for landing that big interview!

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Felicity H– November 2023

Coming into my career, I would have never thought cruise ships would be a big part of my journey. I stepped foot into a whole new world that honestly changed my life for the better. My first week was rough; I was lost and unsure of my new lifestyle but with everyone’s open arms, I grew so accustomed. I sailed around the Hawaiian Islands and worked alongside workers that are now my close friends. I went skydiving, parasailing and snorkeling all while having to clock in a few hours after. I shared memories with people from all over the world and even fell in love. Considering I had no expenses on board, my income grew and the fear of living by paycheck disappeared. During my month-long vacations, I was able to explore places like Maui, New York, Vegas and Florida.  It took me a while to get used to the cabin sizes and workload but after seeing the sunset over Napolis Coast, all I could think was “this is my dream life”. I recommend this position to anyone that has the desire to travel. Even though I had my heart set on being a flight attendant, this experience was beyond worth it.

Suzy M– November 2023

Suzy set a school record by getting her first job offer after just 5 weeks!  Prior to graduation she had 6 amazing job offers!! My experience at The Travel Academy has been amazing! As an avid traveler, I have come to appreciate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes aboard an aircraft, thanks to Ms. Lynn for the Flight attendant class. Ms. Amber has taught the customer service class and Ms. Holly does the Travel agent & cruise lines. Together, they all have made for a great experience for us here at the school.  From a young age, I always dreamt of being a flight attendant and though I have been a Registered nurse for over 16 years, TTA has given me an opportunity to make my dream of becoming a Flight attendant a reality. Getting hired as a Flight attendant in just 5 weeks of training is a true testament that this school is really looking out for the best interest of the students and getting us well-prepared for the interview process. Creating the right Resume and Cover letter is a skill by itself and this has helped us stand out during the application process which leads to us being invited to interviews whether it be in person or by video. My name is SuzyQ and I would recommend The Travel Academy to anyone thinking about becoming a Flight attendant or starting a career in the travel industry. Welcome aboard!  

Chauncey W– August 2023

My confidence has grown many times over!

I did not know if I could actually get hired.  Not only did I learn important skills, my confidence has grown many times over.  I also  received my top airline choice after just 6 weeks at TTA.  I’m am very grateful for my instructors and super excited about starting my new career!

Ava P.– November 2022

Amazing Results!

Our daughter Ava had a goal of becoming a flight attendant as a sophomore in high school.  As her parents, we were looking for ways to make this happen.  One day, as I was searching the internet, I found theTravel Academy.  At first I was a little sceptical because I had never heard of such a program before. We made two different trips to TTA for information, cost and job placement.  Everyone was so helpful and enthusiastic about making our daughter’s dream come true.  So, we enrolled her.  We liked the fact that they were strict with their rules and regulations.  As well as, being the best you mentality.  Ava learned so much about herself and how to live on her own with 3 other girls in a small apartment.  Each from a different state and background. As parents, we saw an immediate change in her confidence, daily management and organizational skills.  She was indeed, “ADULTiNG.”  Something we were hoping for besides just learning about becoming a flight attendant.  The Travel Academy delivered all they were promising.  The instructors truly cared about their students and held them accountable for instruction and behavior.  Ms. Lynn went above and beyond for Ava. Thank you Travel Academy!  Ava had several interviews and offers before she graduated. Today, she is traveling all over the world, meeting people and loving her dream job!  Above all, the program is way cheaper than a semester of college and the course is well structured and well organized-but also FUN.  We are very proud of her.  The sky is her only limit.   John and Jill P.

Kia V.– May 2022

Kia sets new TTA Record with 10 job offers BEFORE graduation!

Hymalay V.– August 2021

“The Travel Academy gave me the right push in so many ways for this career.
All the hands on training and professional developed helped me gain the job I interviewed for with no aviation experience while other candidates had more experience.
I used all the knowledge I learned from The Travel Academy to get my job offer!  I gained experience to work as a team, increased my confidence, improved communication, practiced airline customer service. emergency procedures, emergency equipment, and so much more that helped me get the job.
THANK YOU,  The Travel Academy, for preparing me to spread my wings in the sky.  I start 2 weeks after graduation!!!!”

Rebecca M– October 2019
Flight Attendant

“Attending The Travel Academy not only once, but twice was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself. The first time I went, I was 18 and there weren’t a lot of Flight Attendant opportunities for me. Instead of giving up on my dream, I pursued another job in the travel industry and worked for a small cruise line. That experience opened my eyes to how much I am meant to be in the skies. I worked the next two and a half years adding customer service to my resume so that when I returned to TTA, I would be ready to showcase my safety and hospitality skills. At 21, with the guidance and help of my instructors, I wrote a stellar resume and MANY MANY cover letters. One is never enough, that is key! I believe I got the position with the airline I did because I specifically tailored my cover letter to their company’s mission statement and values. It has been a long journey, but all the while soul filling! All thanks to The Travel Academy for always being there for me and my dreams” ✈  

Alyssa W.– June 2019
Flight Attendant

“Coming here I knew what I wanted and that it wasn’t going to be easy but, it would be worth it. And it has been just that. I’ve gotten a great deal of opportunities from attending The Travel Academy. The advice given of “stay hungry” is very true. Show up, do your best, study hard but also have a bit of your own fun. Just never forget the real reason we are here.”

Traci H.– May 2019
Flight Attendant

“I want to give thanks to TTA for the guiding me to my journey. Without the basic fundamentals of the course, I would not have landed my dream career today. I would like to say to fellow students- work hard, stay focused and your dreams will come true. Just a reminder you’re not here for a job, you’re here for a lifetime career change. I want to give special thanks to Ms. Lynn, Ms. Amy and Ms. Erin for working with me and believing in me to reach my dream career. I can proudly say, the sky is the limit because I now have my wings.”

Tianna L.– May 2019
Flight Attendant

“I would say the top 3 things I took with me from The Travel Academy would be trusting my teachers/trainers with all of the information that they are giving me. Also, literally everything from Ms. Lynn’s Flight Attendant Class gave me a major advantage. And lastly, using the professionalism I learned from The Travel Academy. I personally feel like if I not gone to The Travel Academy, I wouldn’t have done as good as I did. I really appreciate all that you’ve done for us throughout this journey.”

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