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In only 7 weeks of our campus class, students get multiple interviews like with Delta Airlines! Check out what one of them has to say about how he achieved this and the advice he has for landing that big interview!

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Mechaill M.– November 2014
Flight Attendant

I wanted to let The Travel Academy know how thankful I truly am that you guys believed in me. I was very happy to be offered the training position at Mesa, but I never thought I was going to leave school before I had a real “see you later.”” I am so very proud of everyone.

Demi W.– November 2014
Restaurant Steward

I came here expecting to go to school for 2 and a half months and keep to myself. Instead I fell in love with everyone and everything here. I never thought I would say that I found myself in…. Eagan, Minnesota!

Asmaa Z.– November 2014
Restaurant Steward

My experience at The Travel Academy was so great. I really loved it!! I learned a lot about the travel industry. I also made such wonderful and great friends from all over the world. When I cam here, I didn’t know that one day I would be successful. Thanks to the Travel Academy and my instructors for being there for me.

Mayra V.– November 2014
Flight Attendant

I had a wonderful experience here at The Travel Academy. At first I was a little worried about learning and getting my questions answered, but I did. Thank you for this wonderful experience and I know I will be the best flight attendant!

Cathy S.– November 2014
Flight Attendant

I really took a leap of faith with making a whole new career change. I met some really great instructors and students. I was away from home for 10 weeks. This was the longest I have been away from my home and family. I really enjoyed the school and having the experience of living with roommates.

Patricia S.– November 2014
Utility Steward

These past 10 weeks I will never forget. There is so much to tell, but I was able to learn and an so thankful to The Travel Academy for everything. I had wonderful roommates and will take home so many great memories along with all the instructors taught me. It was not easy but, not impossible. Thank you TTA for this opportunity and thank you for opening this school!!

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