Karen S.

My daughter Michelle S. attended TTA Last Year. Yesterday she posted on her facebook account a memory from 1 year ago. “Officially in Minnesota”. I realized that I never sent a thank you note to her instructors. One year ago I dropped her off at the airport with tears in my eyes. One year ago she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life.| One year ago she made the biggest and greatest decision of her life! So, Thank you for having her wear dress clothes everyday. Thank you for teaching her how to write a resume and a thank you note. Thank you for teaching her how hard it was going to be.. Thank you for having her memorize all the airport codes and military time. Any student wondering why they need to learn these things should know that the flight attendant’s schedule really has military time and airport codes. While at TTA she applied to Frontier Airlines. The day she graduated, she had a phone interview. Two weeks later she left for her interview. They flew her to Denver. Thanks to her instructors, she left wearing dress clothes, had her hair in a bun, makeup and heels on. Thanks to her instructors, she was confident. Thanks to her instructors, she nailed it! The training at Frontier was very hard but she was used to hard from TTA. Every day someone was sent home. You needed 90 or above to stay. Every day she scored in the high 90’s. Michelle graduated and earned her wings. I am so proud of her. I know that she already sent a note, but I wanted to also send my thanks! I highly recommend the Travel Academy to anyone that is willing to work hard. My daughter has an incredible career as a flight attendant due to the training that she learned there. She never would have made it without going there first. They really prepared her for an awesome career. She made so many wonderful friends while she was there and it’s great that they all still stay in touch. It wasn’t an easy decision for her to just pick up and go away for 10 weeks, but it was a decision that turned out to be the best one she has ever made. So sign up for The Travel Academy today!


Patrick L.

I just wanted to say thank you for such a great program. Ross has said nothing but great things about your program, and its staff. I can tell from speaking with him, he has made a wise choice in attending The Travel Academy to pursue his dreams to work in the Travel Industry. Ross has had a new found confidence, and is genuinely excited about his classes and what he is learning every day. He also said he is having a great time and truly loves his roommates and the new friends he is making. I can say as a father I am grateful for all The Travel Academy has given Ross. I have witnessed a transformation in him that sometimes has to be made away from home, and I am thankful to you for providing the resources for his success.


Mary M.

[I have] so many important things to share about your school and our son Scottie’s experience at the Academy.First off, great news! He was offered a flight attendant position with Mesa Air Group, had his final interview via internet at The Travel Academy, and at the end of the session, was offered a position. From a small town of 2,400 people in Wisconsin, Scottie never really fit in, he had a large weight problem going through junior and senior High School, but after losing over 130 pounds, found his way. We live in that Middle west central Wisconsin, everyone hunts, fish, trap, drinks beer, if you’re not in a group, an athlete, you just have a hard time, Scottie, is none of these things. He loves history, music, reading, the computer, old Hollywood, the old movies, Audrey Hepburn, Bing Crosby, Gone with the Wind, musicals, travel, he wants to see the world, and experience and see all the great places he has read about. My sister has been a flight Attendant with American Airlines, starting her 30th year, she told Scottie last Christmas Day, he would be a great flight attendant, he had the qualities, work ethic, personality to do this job, and she thought he would be great at it. I started researching and came across The Travel Academy webpage. I printed off all of the info I could, and brought it to Scottie, we called and he was signed up and ready to go. I drove him to Eagan, MN, he was so nervous, never really being away from home alone. We got to the apartments, he met the housing person, she took us to the apartment, and he met his roommate. Scottie was just 20 years old. I could not believe that when I went to leave, he hugged me, bye mom, I love you, didn’t even walk me out, that is not like him. I thought he will be so nervous, and scared. Really, I did not get a phone call from him until his 3rd day of class. We assumed he was liking it. He never came home until he graduated the end of May. The apartments were beautiful, he did not need a car, the Academy provided a shuttle to school and back, and stopping one day a week to buy groceries. The apartments are in a very nice area of the city. I felt safe, leaving him there. I cannot tell you what this experience has done for this shy, overweight, not very popular child from Wisconsin. When he came home his confidence, well I could not believe it. The Academy was the best thing he has ever done! Any person considering should I or shouldn’t I, do it. It will change your life. He did get an interview, after applying; they flew him to Dallas, on their dime. Sad to say he did not get the job and was very down. The placement director at The Travel Academy has been amazing during this entire journey; she has helped him so much. We learned about the opportunity with Mesa Airlines visiting The Travel Academy. Scottie came to visit and interview. I also have to say, he had a small class, and that group are so close, he has made lifelong friends, I know it. The group of his friends, about 8 of them, are all employed, 7 flight attendants 1 in the Cruise lines. I believe with Scottie being hired, every one of them has a position in the travel industry and they text almost daily. This school, is the real deal, no parent or family member should be afraid to take their child I have never seen such friendships develop so close and so fast. So it is so worth it, please check out the school. This is a mother who is truly blessed today, my son, is going to be doing a job that he is going to love. Not many people will ever be able to do that!