At the end of each class, we ask the familys of our graduates to fill out a survey where we ask them to rate and comment on how their family member changed in terms of professionalism, self-confidence, public speaking, and responsibility. In every single one of these surveys, family members ranked the graduate higher than before the student came to The Travel Academy. 100% of the surveys say that they would recommend this school to anyone else interested in a travel career.

Here are some of the comments made by family members of our August 2019 class:

“Professional, educational, quickly get students into the work field.”

-Cindy (Parent)

“Very great pathway for young students.”

-Gardenia (Sister)

“After spending just one day with JPaul after he joined this program, I have seen a change in his persona that over exceeds our expectations.”

-Brunny (Parent)

“Heaven talks very highly of the school and all of the new friends she has made since attending the school.”

-Roberta (Parent)

“I’ve seen complete change in Alysha and I like it. Thank you; she has become a young lady.”

-Jaboris (Parent)

“Very good for young adults to learn responsibility and grow up.”

-Jason (Parent)

“I believe it fine-tuned everything and whatever your goals are in your career.”

-Mary (Parent)

“I liked the career development and assistance with interview development.”

-Penny (Parent)