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Office Management & Reception

Begin a new job as an office manager.

Because office managers are commonly  in charge of  managing the entire office and have very important things to work on, they must have well trained work skills.    As a result of their training, office managers are counted on by owners and top managers  to do very important things.

Office managers often have a high level position within the company, power, respect, and often have a say in how things are done.  Because of this high degree of trust, office managers are expected to be professional at all times.

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Because training is critical to getting hired, you must have the skills to do the job.  Online class will help you learn the language of business, software used in office settings and how to find and interview for office management positions.  Specific coursework includes:


because many companies are small and mobile,  this valuable business skill will help you understand the larger elements of how a company runs and the different departments that help make profits for the business.

Business Rules

Acumen and Etiquette which will provide you a look of the unwritten rules to follow within a professional office setting and what to do and not do.

Problem Solving

and Critical Thinking help you get better and finding and fixing  problems that arise in a day to day office work place.

Administrative Office Procedures

are the specific work items and steps of work to be performed.  Learn the details of office management work flow and develop the skills to run an office with ease.

Develop new software skills

to help the office run better and teach others what you know.  Software skills are very important to becoming an office manager.

Finding the best jobs

is a difficult and confusing process.  Our program will assist you with organizing and preparing you for the job hunt.

Office Management

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Office Management & Reception - Online Course

Earn Respect

What You'll Learn

Language of Business
Learn important business terminology and how a company and why office setting runs the way it does.

Language is important because office managers work with many different departments and must sound knowledgable.

Personal & Business Finance
Some say they are not good at math.  However many office managers find that the are actually good at business math because they are responsible for spending money and even managing their own employees.

This class gives you an overview of financial terms commonly used by office managers and shows you how to manage a budget.  Numbers can be easy, fun, and a powerful way to run an office.

Customer Relations
Learn how to deal with customers, work with a wide variety of personalities, and how to determine customers’ needs.  Customers are one of the most important people for a company.

Microsoft© Office Suite
Learn the tools of Word©, Excel©, PowerPoint©, and Outlook©- essential programs used by office managers.  We will also provide you insights on how to utilize these tools to help the business you work for.

Professional Development
Build personal and professional skills to be successful.  Because the job market is so competitive for office manager jobs,  learning to build a resume’ is very important.  Also, increasing your interviewing skills will help you land a great job!

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