Office Manager Training and Career Guide

How to you become an office manager or get a management position?

  1. Evaluate your education
  2. Evaluate your office skills
  3. Evaluate your work experience
  4. Develop a resume’ that is specific to an office manager
  5. Dress like an office manager – for interviews
  6. Apply for available jobs
  7. Land an interview

1. Evaluate your education

Managers often have formal training which prepares them for their job.  This training includes software programs, office tasks, and management training.  Learn about office manager training here.

Just because you have a college degree, does not mean you have learned office skills.  A degree in nursing does not automatically translate into a business office position.

2. Evaluate your office skills

Office skills are critically important to getting hired as an Office Manager because the more office skills you have, the greater your chances of getting hired.  If you need to learn office skills, click here.

Since there are many people seeking office manager jobs, the more skills in software, office procedures, business language, and entrepreneurship you have, the better your chances are at landing the job.

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3.  Evaluate your work experience

The type of work experience you have, matters a lot.  If you have 20+ years of work experience, but it was as a nurse, your chances of getting hired for an office manager job is low.

Again, because the work is often a business, having business skills helps you get hired.  The best way to get hired is to get the office skills you need. Click for skills training.

4. Develop a Resume’

Just because you have a resume, does not mean it will work to get an office manager job an office manger resume; not just any resume’, one that is specific to the job you want.   This means that you should highlight your office manager training, office skills, and highlight how you have helped other companies with those skills.  .

5. Dress like an Office Manger

Because office manages have professional positions, managers often judge people on how they dress for an interview.

Get comfortable in your interview clothing and make sure everything fits properly.  Do not wait until the last minute to buy interview clothing.  Plan for your success now!

Management positions usually require professional dress in a company.  Those who do the interviewing for office manger positions will likely be upper managers, executives, or company owners and dress professionally themselves.  Dress the part and show that you fit in.

6. Apply for available jobs

When you are applying for a job, don’t confuse it with a “like” on social media.  Applying for a job is very serious and your application could be one of thousands of other applications.

Employers will only seek to interview those who put in a high degree of effort and have the best resume’s

7. Interview

Your resume gets you in the door.  The interview is where you have a chance to sell yourself in person.  The purpose of the interview is to judge you against other candidates – the company will hire the best person.

Because there are so many applications for office manager positions, Your personal excitement does not land the job.  Getting the job is based on  how well you convince the interviewer that your skills are the best and therefore, you are the best person for the job.

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Office Management

Office Manager Training and Career Guide

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How Much do Office Managers Make?

Office Manager Salaries range greatly in relation to the size of the business and the responsibilities of the position.  In addition the education and experience of the individual also plays an important part in pay rate.

Office managers can be found in small 3 person office and large corporations.

Entry level Office Managers can start as low as $30,000 per year with education and minimal experience to over $100,000 for a trained and highly experienced individual.

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What does an Office Manager Do? Office Manager Responsibilities

Office manager responsibilities are different between company to company.  Here is a list of some items.

  • organizing meeting
  • booking travel
  • organizing events for the company
  • ordering office supplies, furniture and office equipment
  • communication inside and outside the company
  • working on presentations, charts, and sales materials
  • supervising staff
  • managing budgets – your own and helping other managers
  • teamwork with staff, suppliers and clients
  • managing policies and office procedures
  • delegating tasks staff members
  • new employee orientation
  • making sure company policies are up to date
  • managing and utilizing various software programs
  • attending management meetings
  • arranging interview screening for new employees

Why Become an Office Manager?

People become office managers for a number of reasons.

  1.  Work hours are often Monday – Friday
  2.  Office Manager Benefits may include holiday and vacation pay, health insurance,  401k, life insurance,  cafeteria plan, flex plan, and parking reimbursement.
  3. Office managers typically earn more than regular office workers
  4. Have power within a company
  5. To have authority
  6. Office managers are highly respected in their company
  7. Some have their own budget
  8. Love being part of management meetings
  9. Want challenge and variety in their day
  10. A strong desire to grow professionally

Where can I find an Office Manager Job?

Office manager jobs can be found in many different businesses:

  • Accountants & CPAs
    Travel Agencies
    Advertising & Creative Agencies
    Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors
    Freigth Companies
    Aircraft Companies
    Food Service Contractors
    Ambulance & Transportation Services
    Vets & Animal Hospitals
    Manufacturing Companies
    Call Centers
    Antique & Art Dealers
    Restoration Companies
    Property Management
    Appliance Retailers
    Appliance Repair
    Appraisal & Valuation Services
    Architects Offices
    Art Galleries
    Artists and Entertainers & Management Companies
    Auctioneers & Evaluators
    Auto Parts Dealer
    New Vehicle Sales
    Used Vehicle Sales
    Other Automotive Services & Repair
    Equipment Rental Compaines
    Backhoe and Excavation Companies
    Construction Companies
    Events Centers
    Board and Care Facilities
    Boarding Houses
    Boat Charters
    Boat Manufacturing
    Boat Repairing
    Boat Storage
    Body Art, Tattoos, Piercing
    Body Care Products Dealers
    Body Waxing
    Bridal Shops & Consultants
    Builders Supply Delivery Service
    Building Inspection Services
    Building Materials Dealers
    Consultants Consultants
    Cabinet Makers
    Cable Installation Services
    Cable TV Service
    CAD/CAM Services
    Camera Equipment  Shops
    Camper, RV, Motorcycle Sales
    Car Washes
    Careers Consultants
    Carpet and Rug Cleaners
    Cellular Phone Retailers
    Charter Bus Services
    Disposal and Recycling Services
    Child Care Centers
    Coffee Houses
    Collectibles Dealers
    Collection Agencies
    Commercial Steam Cleaning
    Commodity Brokers
    Communications Equipment Repair
    Computer Consulting
    Concrete Contractors
    Concrete Cutting Contractors
    Concrete Suppliers
    Consignment Shops
    Construction Forms Supplier
    Consumer Electronics Dealers
    Contract Packaging
    Contract Parts Cleaning Service
    Convenience Stores
    Cooking/Gourmet Equipment Sales
    Cosmetics Sales
    Cost Reduction Consultants
    Costume Rental
    Credit and Debt Counseling Services
    Dance Studios
    Data Processing Services
    Data Storage Products Suppliers
    Dating Services
    Day Spas
    Dietician and Nutritional Counseling
    Discount Stores
    Diving Schools
    Doughnut Shops
    Drapery Cleaners
    Drapery Installation
    Driveway Contractors
    Driving Instructors
    Driving Schools
    Drug Stores
    Dry Cleaners
    Drywall Contractors
    E-Commerce Consultants
    Electrical Contractors
    Electronic Bookkeeping Services
    Elevator Inspection Services
    Employment Agencies/Consultants
    Energy Conservation Dealers
    Engine Rebuilding
    Escrow Services
    Event Planners
    Excavating Contractors
    Executive Placement Services
    Exercise Equipment Repair
    Exercise Equipment Sales
    Exhaust System Repair
    Fabric Shops
    Fabricating Services
    Fencing Contractors
    Financial Planners and Consultants
    Fire Damage Restoration
    Fire Extinguisher Sales
    First Aid Kit Sales
    Fish and Seafood Markets
    Fish Hatcheries
    Fishing Ponds
    Fishing Tackle Dealers
    Floor Coverings Dealers
    Floor Waxing and Polishing Services
    Food Service Supplies Dealers
    Forestry Support Services
    Forklift Sales and Service
    Formalwear Rental/Sales
    Framing & Art
    Fundraising Services
    Funeral Homes
    Furnace Repair
    Furniture Dealers
    Furniture Repairing
    Garden & Lawn Sprinkler Contractors/Dealers
    Garden Centers
    Glass Coating and Tinting
    Glass Dealers/Installers
    Glassware: Advertising
    Global Positioning Systems Services
    Golf Courses
    Gourmet Food Dealers
    GPS Hardware Dealers
    Granite Dealers
    Graphic Designers
    Graphics Services
    Groundwater Monitoring & Testing Services
    Guitar Dealers
    Gun Dealers
    Gymnastic Studio
    Hair Removal
    Handicapped Transportation Services
    Health and Diet Food Producers
    Health Clubs
    Health Food
    Health Resorts
    Hearing Aids
    Heating Contractors
    Helicopter Services
    Hobby Shops
    Holography Services
    Home Builders
    Home Health Equipment Rental
    Home Health Services
    Home Improvements
    Home Inspection Service
    Home Rental / Property Management
    Home Theater Dealers
    Home Watch Services
    Hospital Equipment and Supplies
    Hot Tub Dealers
    Hot Tub Repair
    Hot Tub Maintenance Service
    Household Glassware Dealers
    Hydraulic Equipment Repair
    Ice Dealers
    Independent Insurance Agents
    Independent Restaurants
    Industrial Machine Maintenance Services
    Industrial Polishing Services
    Information Consultant
    Inkjet Cartridge Refurbishing
    Inline Skating Products Dealer
    Instrument Installation Services
    Insulation Contractors
    Insurance Loss Adjuster Services
    Interior Decorators/Designers
    Internet Access Centers
    Internet Cafes
    Internet Companies
    Investigation Services
    Investment Advisory Service
    Irradiation Services
    Irrigation Systems Dealers
    Janitor Service
    Janitors Equipment & Supplies
    Karate Instruction
    Key Making
    Kitchen Remodeling
    Land Subdivision & Development
    Landscape Contractors
    Laptop Computer Refurbishment
    Laser Engraving Services
    Laundry and Dry Cleaning Supplies Dealers
    Lawn Mower Dealers
    Lawnmowing Service
    Law Firms & Legal Services
    Legal Transcription
    Lift Truck Services
    Lighting Equipment Rental
    Lighting Fixtures Dealers
    Lighting Maintenance and Repair Services
    Lighting Stores
    Lightning Protection Equipment Installation/Services
    Limousine Services
    Linen Supply Services
    Linens & Domestics Dealers
    Liquor Stores (Carryout)
    List Updating Services
    Loan Brokers
    Luggage Dealers
    Lumber Dealers
    Lunch Service Catering
    Machine Shops
    Machine Tool Servicing
    Machinery Installation Services
    Mail Box Rental
    Mail Order
    Mail Order Returns Processing
    Mailing List Dealer
    Marine Equipment and Supplies
    Marine Repair
    Market Research
    Marketing Publications
    Marriage and Family Counselors
    Martial Arts Instruction
    Masonry Contractors
    Masonry Supplies Dealers
    Massage Therapists
    Matchmaking Service
    Materials Handling Equipment Dealers
    Maternity Shops
    Mattress and Sleep Furniture Dealers
    Media Buying Services
    Medial Transcription Service
    Mediation Services
    Medical Claims Billing
    Medical Equipment and Supplies
    Medical Laboratories
    Medical Records Copying
    Medical Transportation Service
    Medical X-Ray Services
    Meditation Studios
    Metal Scrap Dealers
    Mini Blind and Window Treatments
    Mink Breeding
    Mobile Auto Glass
    Mobile Home Dealer
    Mobile Home Repair/Restoration
    Mobile Home Supplies Dealers
    Model Shops
    Modeling Agency
    Moisture Control Services
    Mortgage Brokers
    Motorcycle Accessories Dealers
    Motion Picture and Sound Recording
    Motor Scooter Dealers
    Motorcycle Dealers
    Motorcycle Repair
    Moving Equipment Rental
    Music Dealers
    Music Instruction
    Musical Instrument Dealers
    Musical Instrument Repair
    Nail Artist
    Nail Salons
    Natural Pest Control Products
    Natural Pest Control Services
    News Dealers
    Non-store Retailers
    Notaries Public
    Nursery Stock Suppliers
    Office Copier Supplies
    Office Machine Sales
    Office Machinery Rental and Leasing
    Office Record Storage Services
    Office Supplies
    Oil and Gas Extraction
    Oil Change & Lube
    One-Hour Photo Service
    Optical Coating Services
    Organic Food Growers/Supplier
    Organic Gardening Supply Dealers
    Organizing Services
    Outboard Motors Dealers/Repairs
    Outfitters and Guides
    Oven Repair Service
    Packaging Service
    Packing & Crating Service
    Paging & Signaling Service
    Paint Dealers
    Painting Contractors
    Pallet Suppliers
    Parking Lots/Garages
    Party Planning
    Party Sales
    Party Supplies
    Patent Research Services
    Patio & Deck Builders
    Patio Furniture Dealers
    Paving Contractors
    Pay Telephone Operators
    Payday Loans
    Payroll Preparation Service
    PDA Dealers
    Pension Administration Services
    Personal Coach
    Personal Concierge
    Personal Safety Instructors
    Personal Safety Products Dealers
    Personalized Label Suppliers
    Pest Control Services
    Pet Grooming
    Pet ID & Recovery Services
    Pet Memorials
    Pet Shops
    Pet Sitting & Boarding
    Pet Supplies
    Petting Zoos
    Photo Finishers
    Physical Therapists
    Piano Dealers
    Piano Tuning, Repairing
    Pipe and Cable Locating Services
    Pipe Contractors
    Pipe Inspection
    Pizza Restaurant
    Plant Dealers
    Plaster Contractors
    Plumbing Fixture Dealers
    Pottery Dealers
    Poultry Farming
    Privacy Consultants
    Private Investigators
    Private Sports Instruction
    Produce/Fruit Dealers
    Product Design Services
    Product Engineering Services
    Product Evaluation Services
    Product Fulfillment Services
    Product Safety Testing Services
    Propane Dealers
    Public Opinion Polling
    Public Relations Consultants
    Pump Dealers
    Pump Repair
    Quality Control Inspection Services
    Radiator Repair
    Rain Gutter Cleaning
    Rain Gutter Contractors
    Real Estate Appraisers
    Real Estate Title Services
    Realtors – Commercial
    Realtors – Residential
    Records/Document Management
    Recreational Vehicle Dealers
    Recreational Vehicle Parks
    Recreational Vehicle Rental
    Recycling Services
    Refrigeration Dealers/Repair
    Rehabilitation Hospitals
    Rehabilitation Outpatient Services
    Religious Book Stores
    Religious Goods Dealers
    Relocation Services
    Remodeling Contractors
    Rental Service Stores/Yards
    Reprographic Services
    Reptile Breeding
    Research and Development Services
    Residential Steam Cleaning
    Respiratory Treatment Services
    Restaurant Supplies Dealers
    Retirement Planning Services
    Riding Stables
    Roofing Contractors
    Roofing Material Suppliers
    Rotary Die Cutting Services
    Rubber Stamps
    Safe and Vault Dealers
    Safety Equipment and Clothing
    Safety Training Services
    Safety Valve Testing Services
    Sales Lead Generation & Management Services
    Sales Presentation & Development Services
    Sampling Services
    Sand & Gravel Dealers
    Sandblasting Services
    Sandwich Shops
    Sanitation Service
    Satellite Equipment and Systems
    Saw Sharpening
    Scales – Repair and Service
    Scanning Services
    School Supplies Dealers
    Scrap Metal Processing
    Scrapbooking Dealers
    Screen Door/Window Dealers
    Screen Door/Window Screen Installation
    Screen Printing
    SCUBA Equipment Rental and Sales
    Second Hand Stores
    Secret Shopper Service
    Secretarial Services
    Securities Brokers
    Security Guard Services
    Security System Dealers
    Self Storage Facilities
    Self-Service Laundry
    Seminar Production
    Septic Tank Contractors
    Service Contracts: Appliances
    Service Station Equipment Suppliers
    Sewing Machine Service/Repair
    Shaved Ice Dealer
    Sheet Metal Work
    Shock Absorber Sales/Repair
    Shoe Stores
    Siding Contractors
    Sign Installation Services
    Sign Printers
    Sign Makers
    Skateboard Dealers
    Small Engine Rebuilding
    Small Manufacturing – Chemicals
    Small Manufacturing – Clay
    Small Manufacturing – Glass Products
    Small Manufacturing – Metal Products
    Small Manufacturing – Plastics
    Small Manufacturing – Rubber
    Social Assistance
    Social Therapists
    Sod and Sodding Service
    Software Duplication Services
    Software Publisher
    Software Sales
    Solar Energy Systems Dealers
    Soldering Services
    Sound System Dealer/Repair
    Souvenir Shops
    Specialty Food Products
    Specialty Furniture Manufacturing
    Specialty Greeting Cards
    Specialty Paper Suppliers
    Specialty Transportation Services
    Sporting Goods Dealers
    Sports Activity Centers
    Sports Bars
    Sportswear Dealers
    Spraying Services
    Staffing Services
    Stamp Dealers
    Store Fixture Installation Services
    Stove Dealers (Wood, Pellet, etc.)
    Sun Glasses Dealers
    Swimming Pool Contractors
    Swimming Pool Service
    T-Shirt Dealers
    Taco Shops
    Tank Installation Services
    Tanning Salons
    Tax Return Preparation
    Technical Writing Services
    Teen Clothing & Accessories
    Television Repair
    Termite Control
    Termite Inspection
    Textile Bag Suppliers
    Thrift Shops
    Tile Contractors
    Tile Dealers
    Tire Dealers
    Tool & Die Makers
    Tool Dealers
    Tour Operators
    Toy Crafters
    Toy Dealers
    Trade Show Exhibition Services
    Traffic Schools
    Trailer Hitch Dealers/Installation
    Trailer Repair Services
    Transcription Services
    Translation Service
    Travel Agents
    Tree Service
    Trenching Service
    Trophy Dealers
    Truck Dealers
    Truck Driving Schools
    Truck Painting & Lettering
    Truck Renting
    Truck Stops
    Truss Construction
    Turbine Repair Services
    Turnkey Building & Installation Services
    Tuxedo Rental
    Typesetting Services
    Ultrasonic Cleaning Services
    Ultrasonic Inspection Services
    Uniform Supply Service
    Used Equipment Dealers
    Vacuum Cleaner Dealers/Repair
    Valet Services
    Van Conversion Services
    Vegan Food Products Supplier
    Vehicle Emissions Testing Services
    Vending Services
    Veterinary Services
    Video Equipment Sales/Rentals
    Video Inspection Services
    Video Rentals
    Video Tape Duplicating Services
    Vintage/Retro Clothing Retailers
    Virtual Assistants
    Wallpaper/Wallcovering Dealers
    Wallpaper/Wallcovering Installation
    Water Analysis Services
    Water Damage Restoration
    Water Haulers
    Water Heaters Dealers/Repair
    Water Purification & Filtration Services
    Water Well Drillers
    Watercraft Dealers
    Watercraft Rental
    Website Designers
    Wedding Chapels
    Wedding Planners
    Weight Control Services
    Welcoming Services
    Welding Equipment Leasing & Rental Services
    Welding Repair
    Window Blinds Dealers
    Window Cleaning
    Window Coverings Dealers
    Window Dealers
    Window Replacement
    Window Tinting and Coating
    Wine Dealers
    Woodworking Supplies
    Wrecking Service
    Wrought Iron Dealers
    Yoga Instruction
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