Flight Attendant & Travel School

Flight Attendant & Travel School

Get paid to travel   by becoming a Flight Attendant, Travel Agent, Cruise Professional or other travel careers.

At The Travel Academy, we help you begin your dream career in just weeks. From the many jobs available from our flight attendant school, cruise ship school,  travel agent training, corporate reservations, and customer service training, to our unlimited advancement opportunities – the sky’s the limit!

Our on-site Career Services Department teaches you the necessary skills and flight attendant requirements to put you ahead of the competition and land a career. Most students are offered positions even before they graduate- many with multiple offers!* Many of our graduates start new and exciting careers with airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, and and other travel companies!

* Not all job offers necessarily lead to employment.


Do you want to learn how to become a flight attendant? Interested in learning the secrets of landing a flight attendant job? Have you always wanted to get paid to travel, but weren’t sure how?

Our Flight Attendant and Customer Relations Program is designed to give you the hands on experience and the cutting edge, to land a prestigious flight attendant job, cruise line position, or a travel agent job. Competition is fierce in the travel industry – each flight attendant job posting gets thousands, of applications. It is reported that Delta airlines alone, receives over 260,000 applications per year for a few thousand flight attendant jobs.  It is no wonder people ask how to become a flight attendant for Delta.

Airlines come to you!  Over 35 years of instructional experience; The Travel Academy has helped thousands of people just like you land amazing travel jobs.  For decades, Airlines all across the country have sent hiring representatives to interview students weeks before graduation.  Graduation day is not only about completing the program, but also a celebration of beginning a new career with job offers in hand!  It is a common occurrence for graduates to receive multiple job offers; with one graduate receiving 7 offers from her flight attendant training.

What Students Learn

Preparing for the job:

  • Hands on simulated work environments
  • Emergency training and safety procedures including CPR and AED training modeled after FAA & US Coastguard crew requirements
  • Test preparation, coaching, and training required by national / international airlines and cruise ships
  • Secrets only travel industry professionals know and a peek behind what makes the $7.6 trillion dollar travel industry work

Landing the Job:

  • Confidence building
  • Interviewing etiquette and professional development
  • Utilizing hands on training and past work experiences in an interview setting
  • Document preparation and review, required by federal agencies

Starting & Advancing your Career:

  • What to expect on your first day on the job
  • How to advance
  • Living life on the road and how to make the most out of your experience

What Are My Career Options After Graduation?

Although there are many tourism career options available to our students, our program covers five core areas in-depth: flight attendant, cruise ship staff, travel agent, corporate reservations, and customer service. Click on the images below to learn more.

Flight Attendant

Cruise Ship Positions

Travel Agent

Office Assistant/Manager

Customer Service

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