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Career Services

Our Career Services Department brings the classroom and the “real world” together. More than simply job placement, our Career Services Department will take the time to get to know you and your goals in order to come up with a career plan that fits you.

On-Site Recruitment Events

Our on-site recruitment events are wonderful opportunities to interview with travel agencies, airlines, cruise lines, tour companies, car rental companies, hotels & resorts, and many more. Airlines, cruise lines, and travel agencies fly recruiters to The Travel Academy to interview and hire our students even before they graduate.   Not only that, our Career Services Department will:

  • Help you identify your strengths to leverage in your job search and negotiations
  • Develop a personalized career plan complete with well-defined goals, clear action items, and alternative career options
  • Frequently “check-in” to keep specific action items on track
  • Prepare you for applications and interviews including résumés, cover letters, professional dress & etiquette, interviewing techniques, and much more
  • Assist in selecting the job offer that best suits your personality and long term career goals
  • Train you on salary and job acceptance negotiations
  • Provide ongoing support as your career moves forward*


* Graduates must meet minimum requirements to receive ongoing career services. Ask an Admissions Recruiter for more details.

TTA cannot predict which employers will be attending hiring events as different employers have different hiring needs at different times.