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Flight Attendant Requirements

With 35 years of training experience, we know that flight attendant requirements are different for each airline. Airlines trust our school because The Travel Academy students meet their stringent flight attendant qualifications.  Because of this high standard, airlines come to our school and conduct flight attendant interviews with students, while still in class.  Students commonly have one or more job offers prior to graduation!



There are many words that describe flight attendants: adventurous, personable, outgoing, resourceful, and adaptable. Of course these traits alone do not make a flight attendant. Learning how to become a flight attendant is an exciting journey!  There are many flight attendant requirements and qualifications which applicants are required to meet.  These include:

  • Physical Requirements
  • Education & Language Requirements
  • Citizenship & Background Requirements

It is reported that Delta airlines receives 260,000 applications for a few thousand positions. Going at it alone can take months, only to receive a rejection letter. In a matter of weeks, The Travel Academy will show you how to meet the flight attendant requirements and teach you how to land a flight attendant job.  Career Services are also included to provide you the personal touch and success tools to launch your new career.

Flight Attendant Requirements & Qualifications

Each airline has their own flight attendant requirements:

  • 4’11″-6’4” tall –  Many airlines have more restrictive height requirements. Apply for a free height evaluation.
  • Excellent overall health
  • Five senses- hearing/sight/touch/smell/taste
  • An overall pleasing and well groomed appearance
  • Vision that is correctable by contacts or glasses
  • No facial piercing – 1 earring per ear (lobe only)
  • Tattoos – flight attendant requirements for tattoos are different for each airline. Apply for a free tattoo evaluation.
  • Age restrictions
    • 21 and older – all airlines
    • 19-20 – more than half of airlines
    • 18 – very limited job possibilities: non-traditional airlines (charter, private, corporate and part 135 operators)

Flight Attendant requirements for  EDUCATION – LANGUAGE

  • Minimum high school diploma or GED
  • Fluent in English (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)- Bilingual people must read, write, understand, and speak English and an additional language fluently.
  • Preferred candidates have flight attendant training, travel, hospitality, or tourism

Flight Attendant requirements for CITIZENSHIP – IDENTIFICATION – BACKGROUND

  • A United States citizen or Green Card holder – When applying to a US-based airline, applicants must have full legal ability to work in the US and be able to exit and re-enter US without incident.
  • Identification- This includes a valid passport, social security card, and/or government issued picture ID.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration requires background checks for each flight attendant.  Parking or speeding tickets are acceptable, but things like DUI or arrest records could negatively effect your job prospects. Apply for a free background evaluation.

Flight Attendant requirements for APPEARANCE – RELOCATION

  • Flight attendants must dress according to the requirements set by the airline.  The Travel Academy provides you the opportunity to learn how to look and talk like a flight attendant.  Looking and talking authentically like a flight attendant,  makes it easy for the airline to hire you.
  • It is also important for aspiring flight attendants to consider their flexibility concerning relocation and how close to the base of operations they wish to live.  Some airlines require relocation.

The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school provides training that meets airline requirements and helps you develop the skills needed to become a flight attendant. Also, our Career Services will help you move forward in your career as you gain experience!*


* Apply for more details.

Hear What TTA Students Say!

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LaVonne Z.
Flight Attendant

Before The Travel Academy, I felt stuck and unfulfilled, but I followed my heart and attended The Travel Academy. TTA has made my dreams a reality. The instructors pushed and encouraged me- at the same time and they gave me the confidence and courage to soar in to the next chapter of my life. I'm so excited that I received a job offer from...my first choice! I'm ready to tackle the training and experience the time of my life! I'm so happy that I decided to attend The Travel Academy. The instructors and staff really care about you. I felt their compassion every step of the way. I've made great friends who encouraged and inspired me during the beginning of my journey and I can't wait to see all of them...!