Flight Attendant DUI Information

Special Note about DUI and Minor Consumption

There are general hiring rules due to Canadian law for people who have a minor consumption (underage drinking of alcohol) or DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol) offense on their record. To be a flight attendant for any airline, people must have the ability to travel freely in and out of Canada regardless of the airline’s route, as it may be necessary to divert to Canada as a result of an emergency.

Generally speaking, getting hired with a minor consumption on one’s record is much less difficult than having a DUI. However, both scenarios are subjective and evaluated individually.

  • For a minor consumption, the outcome may vary depending on the time of the offense.
  • For a DUI, people may apply for a Deemed Rehabilitation (Canadian Waiver) five (5) years after they have completed their sentence and/or probation. All airlines will administer a 10-year FBI background check. These cases are evaluated individually.

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