Online Flight Attendant Training

It seems like everywhere you turn on the internet there’s an online program that claims it can teach you just about anything- computer coding, medical billing, or even how to change your oil. For some skills, learning online is an easy option that certainly makes a lot of sense. However, there are some things you … Read more

All the Roles of a Flight Attendant

Miss Lynn knows that any good flight attendant school will explain all of the different “hats” that flight attendants must wear! Takes notes! ♦♦ Flight attendants are the most highly visible employees on an aircraft. Flight attendants spend more time with passengers than any other airline employee and tend to their needs and requests. The Flight Attendant … Read more

Flight Attendant School- Go Exit Row!

Miss Deanna’s flight attendant school shows you that exit rows aren’t just about the extra leg room! ♦♦♦ When booking a flight, you will often select a seat assignment. Typically an additional charge will be added for an emergency exit row seat due to extra leg room. Though desirable, it is important to be aware that this … Read more

Cruise Ship School Destinations!

Miss Sheila’s cruise ship school shows you some of the hottest cruise destinations in the world!  ♦♦ Summer has come to an end in Minnesota, and we are enjoying a beautiful Autumn.  It may seem strange to think of next summer, but if you are planning an Alaska Cruise, this is a great time to … Read more

Travel Agent Training- Packing Like a Pro

Miss Leslie’s travel agent training will show you how to be a great traveler yourself. Check out her packing tips! ♦♦ Traveling abroad or of great distance often entails ample amounts of time. The journey itself, jet lag adjustment period, time zone changes and the desire to see as much as possible due to the expense require … Read more

Travel Agent Training- London Calling!

This week Miss Cynthia’s travel agent training includes a tour of London! ♦♦ London, England’s capital, is a 21st century city with a fascinating history spanning back to Roman times. One of its many iconic attractions include Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London. This historic castle is located on the north bank of … Read more