Flight Attendants Tips: Top 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling

flight attendant tips

Flight attendants are constantly on the move. While this lifestyle is exciting and filled with adventure, it also brings risks to their health. Flights are inhabited by millions of travelers each day, which increases the potential for illnesses to spread more quickly. With this is mind, they take daily preventative measures to avoid getting sick. … Read more

Best Locations to Have a Layover

The Best Locations to Have a Layover Picture this, you are excited to be going to your destination and you find out that there is going to be a three-hour layover on your way there. Normally people are too thrilled about waiting for their flight for hours on end, but if you land at the right airport, … Read more

How to nail your interview

How to Nail Your Interview in Five Steps  Practice answering questions that the interviewer may ask  With a simple Google search, you can find tons of interview questions and how to answer them such as: Why are the best fit for this job? What do you like about this company? What is one time you … Read more

Unique Ideas for When You Get Stuck With a Layover

Nobody actually wants to get stuck with a lengthy layover when all you want to do is to be at your destination safe and sound. However, a layover can be a blessing and a curse all in one. On one hand, it only further delays your plans and could be rather boring and cumbersome to be stuck … Read more

Online Flight Attendant Training

The Travel Academy now offers online flight attendant training.  The flexible online course provides students with the option of completing the program in 10 weeks or 20 weeks. The last week of the program is completed on campus which includes training which cannot be completed online such as CPR, First Aid, demonstration of flight attendant ... Read more

All the Roles of a Flight Attendant

Miss Lynn knows that any good flight attendant school will explain all of the different “hats” that flight attendants must wear! Takes notes! ♦♦ Flight attendants are the most highly visible employees on an aircraft. Flight attendants spend more time with passengers than any other airline employee and tend to their needs and requests. The Flight Attendant … Read more

10 Signs You Were Born to be a Flight Attendant

You just can’t help it. You love to travel. Maybe it’s in your DNA? Getting paid to see the world just makes sense. Look at our list and see if any of these sound familiar. 1. You have a mounted travel map in your room to track your trips. The décor is a constant source … Read more

Travel Agent Training- Packing Like a Pro

Miss Leslie’s travel agent training will show you how to be a great traveler yourself. Check out her packing tips! Traveling abroad or of great distance often entails ample amounts of time. The journey itself, jet lag, time zone changes and the desire to see as much as possible due to the expense require one to be … Read more

How to Become a Flight Attendant- Market Yourself!

Miss Julie knows how to become a flight attendant, so pay attention to these tips on marketing yourself! Selling yourself to employers is like selling a product. The travel industry is very competitive, and you must market yourself in order to succeed in getting your dream position. There are specific tools you will use to … Read more

Flight Attendant School- How to Get Hired

Miss Deanna knows how to become a flight attendant, so take notes! 1. Research the different airlines to see which would be a good fit for you. 2. Make sure you qualify for the position –age, height, clean criminal record, no tattoos that show (head, neck, hands and three inches above wrists). 3. Update your … Read more