Flight Attendant Career Guide: Expert Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

Airlines hit a hiring record 2022 – Best time to get into Aviation!

According to the AOPA – airlines are hiring at a record pace. Now is the best time to start your fight attendant career!  Airlines from across the country come to TTA and hire students even before they graduate!


How to get a flight attendant Job?

The fastest and best way to get a flight attendant job is to attend The Travel Academy for 10 weeks. Our convenient training classes are offered by campus or online during your free time.

Flight Attendant Classes

For nearly 40 years, TTA has helped students learn the skills that airlines want, such as:

-Cabin preparation and pre-flight operations

-Aircraft systems and how to use emergency equipment

-Airline terminology

-FAA rules and regulations for flight attendants

-Live, scenario based flight attendant simulations

-Assisting Passengers with special needs

-Passenger Briefings

-Cabin and first class customer service

-How to obtain your crew member card

-How to get special airport passes like know crew member

-Flight Attendant pay, benefits and free flights

-How to prepare for the flight attendant hiring process

-Interview preparation

Airlines come to TTA and hire students even before they graduate!


Enroll Now!

Here are just a few of the airlines where Travel Academy students have started exciting new Flight Attendant careers!

Hannah I.
Flight Attendant

Coming to The Travel Academy was absolutely unforgettable. I have made an abundance of friends, many of which I believe will be friends for a lifetime. The instructors have been so phenomenal and have encouraged me since day one. I have learned so much about the travel industry and about myself since coming here. If it weren't for this amazing school, I would not have been hired as quickly as I was. I would especially like to thank Peggy and TJ for their continuous support and guidance. The entire staff is just wonderful. Thank you so much, Travel Academy, for making my dreams come true! I cannot wait to share all of my adventures with you all!