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Corporate Reservations Training

Corporate Reservation Agents

Corporate reservation agents help companies plan travel for busy executives and sales people.  Unlike vacation planning, travel often is complex and involves multiple cities and very tight schedules, which must be closely monitored.  While on their trip, executives will have last minute changes that require immediate attention.  With tight and complex schedules, travel plans do not always work out and people end up stranded.  The Corporate Reservation Agent becomes a hero by helping the client find a new way to their destination.

Important skills for this type of job involve problem solving, having a strong sense of urgency, and ability to not give up.

Luxury Travel Advisors

Luxury Travel Advisors are used for expensive, luxury vacation provided by companies like Disney and Sandals.  Vacation packages are very expensive and can cost $20,000 – $50,000 for a single family.  Like Corporate Reservation Agents, travel can be complex as it involves airfare, hotels, transportation, meals, entertainment, and excursions.  Individuals have very high expectations and may also seek help last minute due to weather, illness, or changes in family interest.

Luxury Travel Advisors must be problem solvers, very knowledgable in vacation package details, and provide exceptional customer service.


Benefits & Opportunities

Both positions typically come with:

  1. Paid Vacation & Holidays
  2. Health Insurance Plan
  3. 401k or other retirement plan
  4. Advancement opportunities

Luxury Travel Advisors are commonly paid extra incentive or commissions which can substantially increase pay.  Some companies even offer free trips to advisors.