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Flight Attendant Training

Male and female flight attendants on plane

A flight attendant career is one of the most rewarding jobs for people who love to travel. Flight attendant jobs also have one of the highest number of job applicants in the travel industry. Our training program gives you an advantage.

How to get Hired at American Airlines

Flight Attendant school has become ever more important.   Historically, there has been around a 1% hiring rate.  In other words, your chances of getting hired is 1 out of 100.  In 2019, it is estimated that airlines received over 1,500,000 flight attendant applications.

One of the first places airlines look for flight attendants is The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school.  The choice is quite simple for airline hiring managers –  when they have the choice of hiring someone who has flight attendant training and/or education,  versus someone who does not, they almost always choose the person with the education.

The Travel Academy students set themselves apart from the rest with a simulated flight attendant work environment and hands-on flight attendant skills training. Airlines trust our graduates and offer flight attendant jobs to students while still in class!  

Class records for job offers in 2019 & 2020 were 8 and 9 job offers before graduation.  Not everyone receives the same number of job offers, but everyone receives the same training opportunities – what will you do with yours?

$500 – $3,000 Scholarships Available

Why 10 weeks?

According to studies, it takes an average of 66 days to create a new habit.  That works out to just under 9.5 weeks.  Our 10 week flight attendant school is designed to help shape your habits into a flight attendant professional.  Not just traditional book studies, but working in a “hands on” capacity, learning to talk with confidence and practicing the activities of a professional flight attendant.

From flight attendant school, you will gain confidence, be able to be counted on when important situations arise, and have the opportunity to become an elite person who works in aviation!

Flight attendant school can open the doors of travel all over the world.  Go to places that other people only see in pictures; and the best part is you get paid to travel!

More Fight Attendant Info

Program Overview

Our Flight Attendant training school is closely aligned with the Federal Aviation Administration Regulations regarding the certification of flight attendants.  These requirements include:

  1. Pre-flight Checks
  2. Boarding & Deplaning
  3. Announcements & Demonstrations
  4. Safety Procedures
  5. Safety & Emergency Equipment

In addition, our flight attendant school provides students training specific to Flight Attendant Job requirements:

  1. Aircraft Diagram, abbreviations and where to find necessary equipment.  Examples include:  APP, AED, EFL, ELT, FAK, FAM, HSO, ILV, MEG, POB, SBX, and XMK.
  2. Time Management, time conversions and calculations – you will learn what they are and how to use them.
  3. Security and Badge Management – Each student is issued a security badge which is used for access to each class, similar to gate security access at the airport.
  4. Flight Attendants need to know 100-200 city and airport codes, and 150-300 aviation-specific terms and phrases. Students not only learn the codes and phrases, but also how to use them.
  5. Flight Attendant customer service – Having a flight attendant job means that you are representing the airline each time you put on that uniform.

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The Travel Academy Flight Attendant School Advantage

The Travel Academy flight attendant school provides training that can be used to obtain flight attendant job and in any other travel or customer service career for the rest of your life!

  1. Interview techniques – how to get hired as a flight attendant or other exciting jobs.
  2. Build Confidence – The Travel Academy provides individualized attention and provides an easy one-step-at-a-time approach to helping you feel more powerful and in control of your career.
  3. A résumé is your personal advertisement and one of the most important tools used in obtaining a flight attendant job.  Learn how to turn your story into a résumé that can help you land a flight attendant job and provides what travel employers are looking for.
  4. How to apply for flight attendant jobs and create cover letters for airlines.  Just the flight attendant application process can take 1-2 hours with each airline asking a different set of application questions.  We teach you the secrets of those questions, what they mean, and how to make sure your application stays out of the “rejected” pile.
  5. Best Travel Deals – Flight Attendants often receive free airfare for themselves, family members and sometimes friends.  Our school provides training on how to find the best deals on vacation packages, hotels, and car rental which is not available to the general public.  This alone can save you thousands of dollars.

Flight Attendant FAQs

Minimum hiring requirements:
  • High school diploma or equivalent
  • 4’11″-6’4” tall
  • Age: 18 years (1-2 airlines) 19 years (several airlines) 21 years old (all airlines)
  • No visible tattoos – some airlines allow you to cover them.
  • Have a clean criminal background for at least 10 years (no felonies)

Check out this more complete list of flight attendant requirements

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