Travel & Customer Relations- 10 Weeks

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Our Travel & Customer Relations Program gives students an in-depth look at the travel industry and prepares them for any career in this vast and exciting field. The program covers six main areas: Flight Attendant, Cruise Line, Travel Agent, Professional Development, Career Development, and Customer Relations. Because our students learn ALL areas of the travel industry, they are much more attractive and marketable to employers. Furthermore, career development is an extremely important aspect of our program. We teach our students how to prepare for interviews and be successful in the travel industry.

Flight Attendant Training
  • Hands-on cabin training
  • Hands-on beverage service
  • Hands-on emergency procedures
  • Hands-on safety demonstrations and PA announcements
  • Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs)
  • Flight attendant duties
  • Airport & airlines codes
  • 24-hour clock
  • Time zones
  • Flight attendant terminology
  • Airline vocabulary abbreviations
  • Airline call letters
  • Aircraft configurations
  • Flight attendant history
  • Customer service- including service recovery, hands-on customer service scenarios, and role-plays
  • Hands-on emergency evacuation procedures (on slide)
Cruise Line Training
  • Hands-on fine dining procedures
  • Hands-on steward position training according to American Cruise Lines’ (ACL) standards
  • Cruise terminology
  • Cruise routes
  • Ports of call
  • History of cruises
  • Food safety and service standards (per ACL)
  • Company policies (per ACL)
  • Safety procedures
  • Life on-board a ship
  • Positions available in the cruise industry
  • Customer service- including service recovery, hands-on customer service scenarios, and role-plays
Travel Agent Training
  • Daily hands-on training with SABRE- a travel industry GDS (Global Distribution System) used around the world at airlines, airports, and travel agencies
  • On SABRE, learn how to access flights, build a PNR, price itineraries, enter frequent flier numbers, seat assignments, and much more.
  • VAX Vacation Access and World Agent Direct- two websites exclusive to travel agents for booking tour packages
  • Learn about airports, airfares, airline tickets, airport codes, and airline codes
  • Hospitality and Tour Industries
  • Car rentals and rail travel
  • International travel information: travel documents, health concerns, foreign currencies
  • Customer service and sales
  • USA and International geography
Career Development
  • Professional image standards
  • Career searching and networking tools
  • Developing a 10-year history background
  • Preparing a résumé for the travel industry
  • Creating a cover letter that will get noticed
  • Interviewing techniques including hands-on role playing and mock interviews
  • Professionalism for the travel industry
Other Perks
  • Fun and informative field trips
  • Guest speakers from the travel industry
  • Graduate Career Services (Ask an Admissions Recruiter for more details.)
Additional Information
Lindsey S.
Flight Attendant

My experience has been so amazing! I've learned so much in such a short time and I wouldn't take back anything! I've met so many amazing people from all over the world and I'll remember this part of my life forever! Huge thanks to all the instructors who have cared so much about all of us and put in so much time.

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