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Travel & Customer Service Careers

The Travel & Customer Relations Program provides graduates with many job choices. Customer service positions typically have an extensive amount of customer interaction.  Many positions involve helping and caring for customers that are in need of assistance.


Customer Service Benefits

Customer service positions may be offered as either full time or part time.  Each company will have a benefit list that is specific to their employees.  Full-time positions typically have the following benefits:

  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation
  • Health Care Benefits
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Depending on company, flexible work days and hours


If a flight attendant, travel agent, corporate travel, or the cruise line is not for you, here is a list of other travel and customer service careers you may find interesting:  

Position Employers/Industry
 Ticket Agent  Travel
 Tour Guide  Travel
 Tourism Information Agents  Travel
 Travel Blogging  Travel
 Travel Guide  Travel
 Yacht Sailing Crew  Travel
 Concierge  Hotel
 Benefit Coordinator  Health, Ins.
 Account Coordinator
 Account Representative  Several
 Account Specialist  Several
 Administrative Assistant  Several
 Airline Support Specialist  Several
 Bilingual Customer Service Representative  Several
 Business Service Representative  Several
 Call Center Agent  Several
 Call Center Lead  Several
 Call Center Representative  Several
 Client Account Assistant  Several
 Client Distribution Specialist  Several
 Client Relations Associate  Several
 Client Relations Representative  Several
 Client Service Specialist  Several
 Client Services Coordinator
 Client Services Representative  Several
 Contact Center Help Desk  Several
 Contact Center Representative  Several
 Custodial Customer Representative  Several
 Customer Advocate  Several
 Customer Care Associate  Several
 Customer Care Coordinator  Several
 Customer Care Executive  Several
 Customer Care Operator  Several
 Customer Care Representative  Several
 Customer Consultant  Several
 Customer Experience Specialist  Several
 Customer Interaction Specialist  Several
 Customer Liaison Associate  Several
 Customer Relationship Specialist
 Customer Service Agent  Several
 Customer Service Ambassador  Several
 Customer Service Associate  Several
 Customer Service Professional  Several
 Customer Service Representative  Several
 Customer Service Specialist  Several
 Customer Service Technician  Several
 Customer Solution Provider  Several
 Customer Solution Representative  Several
 Customer Success Associate  Several
 Customer Support Associate  Several
 Customer Support Specialist
 Data Services Specialist
 Entertainment Planning  Several
 Front Desk Agent  Several
 Front Desk Associate  Several
 Front Desk Coordinator  Several
 Front Desk Receptionist  Several
 Gate Agent  Several
 Guest Service Agent  Several
 Guest Service Representative  Several
 Help Desk Associate  Several
 Help Desk Support  Several
 Hotel Concierge  Several
 Manufacturing Customer Service Representative  Several
 Medical Receptionist  Several
 Member Services Specialist  Several
 Online Customer Support  Several
 Outbound Calling Representative  Several
 Passenger Service Assistant  Several
 Patient Care Coordinator  Several
 Patient Care Coordinator  Several
 Provider Relations Associate  Several
 Receptionist  Several
 Rental Representative  Several
 Reservations Agent  Several
 Response Services Representatives  Several
 Sales Assistant  Several
 Sales Coordinator  Several
 Service Administrator  Several
 Service Advisor  Several
 Service Consultant  Several
 Social Media Customer Care Associate  Several
 Special Orders Associate  Several
 Technical Support Representatives  Several
 Telephone Support Specialist  Several
 Territory Service Representative  Several