A Day in the Life of a TTA Student

In this vlog, TTA students Shivani and Marissavel share their experiences as a student with you as they learn and grow each day. Watch as they make new friends, take on new experiences, and get closer to landing their dream career through The Travel Academy.

Starting fresh in the class

It’s orientation day! Energy and anticipation run high as students get aquatinted with each other and learn the ropes.

The morning routine

You know what they say: the early bird gets the worm!

Starting the day off right

Would the morning even be complete with coffee? The girls are finding the hottest spot for coffee in Eagan Minnesota.

Going to Feed My Starving Children

As a part of the class, students get the option to take a volunteer at the local Feed My Starving Children.

Weekend plans

These ten weeks aren’t all work! The girls take this weekend to hang out with friends and explore the area.

Learning more each day

Shivani and Marissavel are quickly learning that this is a fast-paced class! Keeping up with the coursework is key!

Week four and working more

The girls are buckling down in class! But not without the help of each other.

Study Secrets for the next class

Hey future students! Shivani and Marissavel are helping you out with some easy-to-learn study secrets.

New job at the airport

Shivani and her friend, Garrett got a job at an airport store for some extra money. They are quickly becoming pros on all things airport!

Learning More Everyday

Clothes and grades updates from the girls

Dressed to Impress