Financial Aid & Scholarships

You must ENROLL before scholarships and certain financial aid is available.

Scholarships $500 -$1,500

Scholarships are available to all students.  Award amounts are based on the program enrolled in.  Students must be enrolled in a program before they can apply for scholarships.

Financial Aid (non-FAFSA)

Our school does not accept FAFSA and has provided other, more simple ways to help pay for school.

1. Unemployed & State Workforce Grants – Some state and local workforce agencies provide funds for continued education and displaced workers.  Ask your Admissions Recruiter for more information.

2. VA/GI Bill ® Education Benefits –  We accept a number of Veterans benefits for both Veterans and their family members.  If you are not a militia veteran but has a family member who is, you may be entitled to educational benefits.

3. Employer Tuition Assistance – Some companies offer tuition assistance. Ask your employer if they have that option.

4. Tuition Financing – Tuition financing has a payback term of 5 years and a minimum interest rate of 9.9%.  Must be enrolled before beginning loan process.

5. State School Loan  – Minnesota SELF Loan (for in class programs of 300 hours and more) –  Government student loan with a longer payback term of 10 years and much lower interest rate; which can cover up to $3,500 of your tuition. Must be enrolled before beginning loan process.

Other Ways to Pay for School

1. Credit Card | Debit Card  | Check – TTA accepts all major credit cards. Some debit cards have daily limits. Please call and talk to us before using a debit card.  Ask about how you can obtain a student portal.

2. Family – It is common for family members to help pay for your school.

3. Personal Loan – Students can apply for loans through their own bank or a family member’s bank.

*Cost of Attendance worksheet will be provided to each student prior to the start of class.  More tuition information can be found in our student catalog.