Adventure is Calling

For over 35 years TTA has helped people just like you begin their travel careers in a matter of weeks. Most of our students receive job offers prior to graduation, many with multiple offers for careers such as flight attendant, cruise line professional, travel agent, and more. These exclusive careers offer a whole new exciting lifestyle of exploration and adventure.

Through our program our students have changed their life and gave themselves the opportunity to explore the world, make lifetime friends with people from all over the world, and get paid while doing it. Here is what some of them are up to after graduating our academy.

Traveling the world!

Eyerusalem in Dubai

Eyerusalem in Dubai

Allie in Paris

Allie in Paris

Alexandria in Munich

Alexandria in Munich

Maureen has been to multiple countries!

Maureen in Spain (1)
Maureen in Spain (2)
Maureen in Belgium

Here she is in Spain

Here she is in Belgium

Amanda has followed multiple career paths!

Amanda as a Flight Attendant

Soaring the skies as a flight attendant

Amanda as a Cruise Proffesional

Exploring the ocean as as cruise line professional

Meeting celebrities!

Sydney with Seth Rogen

Sydney with comedian, Seth Rogen

Melissa with Eiza González

Melissa with singer/actress, Eiza González

Falling in love with new parts of the country!

Amanda in California



“Without this experience, I would not have been hired by AAA to be a Travel Agent! I got hired almost immediately after graduation. I fall in love with the world’s beauty and diverse culture every day with each vacation experience I plan for my clients. Here are some pictures of my California FAM trip* from earlier this year.”

-Amanda in California


*FAM trips (familiarization trips) are trips offered to travel agents for free/at a large discount so that they understand the services that they are offering to their clients.




“I am employed with American Cruise Lines (ACL). Through ACL, I am based in New Orleans, Louisiana. I have traveled the entire Mississippi River. We stopped in many states before, but my favorite one was Memphis, Tennessee (all of the BBQ!). I am so grateful to had been able to learn so much from TTA and apply my knowledge right at work. I had not only met a lot of co-workers that have turned into lifelong friends, but also met amazing guests where I have created a bond and I have grabbed information for later visits.”

-Jennifer along the Mississippi River

Jennifer in Tennessee

Making a difference!

Kody in Hawaii

“Well, Thursday I got the opportunity to go to the beach … and feel the Hawaiian sand in between my toes and feel the cold ocean water run up over my feet. We visited the Na Pali coast where this amazing picture was taken. Absolutely beautiful and makes for the greatest office window in the entire world. I am so blessed. The best news was yet to come. This past week there was a certain family that was so fun to talk to. It turns out they nominated me for Norwegians “vacation hero” award. Basically, this means they tell our company that their vacation would not have been the same if they hadn’t met me. I made an impact on someone’s vacation. This is why I’m here. Sure, it’s long hours and sure it’s not easy work, but when someone tells you that they will remember you and recommend this trip because of the impact that I made, this is one of the greatest feelings in the entire world. I MADE AN IMPACT ON THIS FAMILY’S VACATION! This is why I came here, and I am in love. I love my job. I love my time off. I love my friends. I miss my home, but I love this state. I’m loving my dream.”

-Kody in Hawaii