Financial Prison for High School Graduates?

In just 4 years, our graduates can be nearly $300,000 ahead of the average college graduate!

While university students are spending money for 4 years, our graduates are making money.  Look at the difference!


The cost of attending a university has caused individuals and families to question the value.

  • $1.75 trillion in total student loan debt (including federal and private loans)
  • About 92% of all student debt are federal student loans
  • The average student borrower takes 20 years to pay off their student loan debt.
  • Some professional graduates take over 45 years to repay student loans.
  • College dropout rates are up to 32.9% – many with student debt.
  • Only 46% of college graduates work in their field of study.
  • This mean that less than 25% of those who start college actually end up in their field of study.
  • Some experts even warn that high school graduates today may be the first generation to die with the burden of student debt.



Above chart assumes the following:

  1. Travel school student repays total cost of attendance during year 1
  2. Travel school student starting wage of $20 per hour + annual wage increase of 5%
  3. University student cost of attendance at $35,000 per year with annual increase
  4. University student completes degree in 4 years, not 5 or 6 which is common


Not only do jobs in the travel industry pay well, they provide perks:

Flight Attendant starting wage: $17 – $25 get paid to travel to new cities, per diem for meals, free hotels for overnight says and free flights for family members.

Cruise Line starting wage:  $15 – $23 plus lots of overtime pay. Free food, free rent, free healthcare  – all while on ship.  TTA works with a cruise line that tours the Hawaiian Islands – great shore leave!!  This is a great job for someone to earn and save up most of money they make, while having very minimal expenses.

Travel Agent starting wage: $17 – $24  plus commission.  Opportunity to work from home and agents have opportunities to go on free trips sponsored by their vendors and suppliers (hotels, resorts, etc.)  Some people even start their own travel agency.

Other Travel Related jobs:  Hotel, Car Rental Companies, Resorts, and so many other fun and exciting travel jobs are available.

The Travel Academy Advantage:

  1. Fast, concise, concentrated coursework saves time and money – Students can graduate in just 10 weeks (4 weeks if seeking Travel Agent).  With nearly 40 years of instructing experience, TTA maximizes instruction while minimizing time in class
  2. Large network of employers looking to hire graduates.  Some employers say “TTA is the GOLD STANDARD” Our students are in such demand that one graduate received 10 job offers BEFORE graduation! Employers even come to our campus to interview students while still in class (some by virtual interviews).
  3. Adult & professional skills. Not just technical skills – campus students are required to use an ID badge, just like at an airport and if they are late “the boarding door is closed” and the student is sent home for that class.  This rarely happens, but if it does, does not happen again. Some parents tell us “you did in 10 weeks what we could not do in 10 years!”  Responsibility and accountability are the cornerstone of every class.
  4. Confidence – you can’t borrow it, or buy it but we know how to train it.  Our campus learning environment helps the quietest and most shy people gain the skills necessary to break out of their shell and give their professional introduction to an entire graduating audience!
  5. TTA Teaching Science – A university has 4-6 years to prepare someone for a job.  Our school has only 10 weeks the teach someone the skills necessary for a life saving, safety sensitive position that is regulated by the FAA and Homeland Security.  Our carefully constructed curriculum is razor sharp which prepares graduates for such demanding criteria with minimal time.
  6. Tuition Cost – for less  cost and time than one semester of college, graduates can enjoy amazing travel benefits, a fun career, and personal/professional skills they can use for a lifetime.


Get Paid to Travel



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Ava P - Graduate

Our daughter Ava had a goal of becoming a flight attendant as a sophomore in high school.  As her parents, we were looking for ways to make this happen.  One day, as I was searching the internet, I found theTravel Academy.  At first I was a little sceptical because I had never heard of such a program before. We made two different trips to TTA for information, cost and job placement.  Everyone was so helpful and enthusiastic about making our daughter’s dream come true.  So, we enrolled her.  Ava learned so much about herself and how to live on her own with 3 other girls in a small apartment – each from a different state and background.

As parents, we saw an immediate change in her confidence, daily management and organizational skills.  She was indeed, “ADULTiNG.”  Something we were hoping for besides just learning about becoming a flight attendant.  The Travel Academy delivered all they were promising.  The instructors truly cared about their students and held them accountable for instruction and behavior.  Thank you Travel Academy!  Ava had several interviews and offers before she graduated. Today, she is traveling all over the world, meeting people and loving her dream job!  Above all, the program is way cheaper than a semester of college and the course is well structured and well organized-but also FUN.  We are very proud of her.  The sky is her only limit.

John and Jill P.

What determines student success?

The Travel Academy has observed over many decades, that both academically gifted students and this who were not the best students in high school can achieve great results. The biggest factor in student success is the desire to succeed. We teach students everything they need to be successful, but personal desire determines their level of success.  One student graduated with 10 job offers, while in the same class, another student received only 2.  Both had the same training and same job opportunities.

Job Placement

The Travel Academy does not track success by traditional job placement statistics – We measure success by job offers before graduation.  Many students come to TTA to become flight attendants.  The Airline industry receives about 1.5 million job applications for 5,000 – 10,000 positions. Delta Airlines brags that it is harder ti get hired with them as a flight attendant than it is to get into Harvard!  Airlines aggressively recruit TTA graduates because it costs them $5,000 – $15,000 to certify a flight attendant before they even crew their first flight.  New hires often fail out of certification, drop out because it is  difficult, or are dismissed due to unprofessional behaviors.  TTA graduates are prepared and often lead other new hires in the certification process.

For decades, Airlines have trusted The Travel Academy for producing  graduates which are good investment for their company.  Airlines come to our school and interview students while still in class and provide job offers prior to graduation. Students often have the luxury to choose between what airline they would like to work for.

Campus Experience or Online class from home

The campus experience provides students with hands on learning experiences which develop personal, professional and technical skills while being fun and engaging.  Students develop confidence while demonstrating their newly acquired skills and have the opportunity to learn from other students from their demonstrations.

Classes are typically held 6 hours per day, Monday – Friday, with an occasional Saturday which average of 30 classroom hours per week.  There is some homework, (not near a much as a university) which involves some memorization of terms/regulations, study for quizzes/exams, and practicing skills and demonstrations learned in class.  It is common for students to work a part-time job while attending class.

Our 10 week Campus class starts every January, April, June, and September. The job application process begins at week 6, interviews weeks 7-9, and students graduate with job offers week 10.

Online class provides students with a flexible learning schedule which can be done during their free time.  With a computer/laptop and high-speed internet, students have24/7  access to the course materials.  This course is designed for an individual who does not have the ability to leave home or has a dedicated work schedule.

The online program is more traditionally academic.  It also requires more time outside of the learning environment than campus class to refine the newly learned skills.

Online class starts the first week of each month.  Students can choose between a 4 or 8 week Travel Agent program, 10 / 20 week Travel & Hospitality program, or 10 /20 week Office Management program.

Which program is best?

This is a very personal answer.  Here are several factors to consider:

  • Individual Learning Style – For those who like to learn by doing and like interpersonal interactions, Campus is best, for those who prefer to study independently, online is a good choice.
  • Cost – For those who are not local to TTA, housing is an additional cost
  • Job Situation – For this who have not yet started a career or have the ability to quit their job, Campus is a great solution.  For those who have a strict work schedule or established  career may find online to be a better choice
  • Prior work experience – For those who have very limited work experience there are substantial advantages to attending campus.  For this with many years of work experience, especially in customer facing roles – online is a good choice.
  • Degree of Professional Skills – Certain travel careers like Flight Attendant require the highest degree of professional skills.  If someone requires a high degree of professional development, then Campus class is best.
  • Degree of personal accountability and responsibility – Travel careers like a Flight Attendant requires the individual to be responsible for the safety for man people.  If a person is not responsible themselves, then they will not be able to be responsible for others. Campus class has responsibility and accountability incorporated into the classroom.
  • Self Discipline – Online class requires discipline to complete a certain number of hours each week.  Successful online students have this discipline.
Cody O.
Flight Attendant

So far my experience at The Travel Academy has been absolutely amazing. The knowledge of the instructors combined with the hands-on experience has been amazing and helped me to retain an abundance of information. Not only has the experience at the school been great, but the friends I have made will last a lifetime! I would recommend The Travel Academy to anyone looking to get into the travel industry!