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How to Get an American Airlines Flight Attendant Job

Prior to Covid-19, it is estimated that there were 1,500,000 flight attendant applications for only a few thousand positions.  The odds of getting hired was less than 1%.

The Travel Academy is successful at helping graduates get hired as flight attendants by American Airlines / Envoy (own subsidiary).

American Airlines Flight Attendant

  1. Apply for a flight attendant job at American Airlines
    Apply for the Flight Attendant position, upload resume and complete an
    online assessment. Applicants who do not meet the requirements below, will not advance into the next step.  In addition, if you do meet the requirements, only the top candidates will advance to the next step.
  2. Video Interview
    The video interview is the next step to screen candidates. A small percentage of those who get the video interview will be granted an in-person interview.
  3. In-person Interview
    The in-person interview is the next step in the hiring process. If you successfully pass the in-person interview, you will be given a “Conditional Job Offer”  The key word here is “conditional”,  you must take 6 weeks off from work, travel to Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas for an opportunity to obtain flight attendant certification.  You are not given any guarantees that you will be able to obtain this certification.
  4. Training 
    Complete 6 week certification process. This involves a fast-paced training and scenario based environment.  It is common for new hires to be “fired” from this last step of getting hired.
  5. Get your Wings
    Once you receive your certificate of demonstrated proficiency, new flight attendants are ready to begin working on aircraft. New American Airlines Flight Attendants are on probation for 6 months.

Flight Attendant Pay & Wages
Flight attendant pay, including Domestic and International, is pre-determined by the airline and union.  American Airlines and the Association of Professional Flight Attendants (APFA) agree on flight attendant pay and benefits by formal contract agreements. Raises are based on anniversary dates as specified in the contract. Flight attendants also are reimbursed additional money for expenses when the flight attendant is away from home.  In this case, they are paid an additional hourly amount for each hour away from home base.  Direct expenses for hotels and transportation away from base is paid for by American Airlines for light Attendants.

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American Airlines Flight Attendant Benefits
Once initially hired, flight attendants receive a conditional job offer.  This offer requires that they obtain a certificate of demonstrated proficiency as a requirement of the job.  The job is not guaranteed nor to benefits start, until the certificate is issued by American Airlines for the flight attendant.  American airlines does offer a benefit package which include but are not limited to: flight attendant heath insurance, flight attendant uniform plan, travel privileges, 401k and other benefits.


American Airlines Flight Attendant Requirements

Successful Flight Attendant applicants will have:

  • a high school diploma or G.E.D. and secondary
  • Adult secondary education like The Travel Academy.
  • Must be 5’2″-6’0″ feet tall
  • Must be at least 19-years-old,
  • English language fluently
  • Have good vision or with corrected lenses (glasses or contacts) to 20/30+.
  • Height and weight must be in proportion
  • Must be 5’2″-6’0″ feet tall
  • Ability to swim at least 50 feet.



Flight Attendant Duties
American Airlines Flight Attendants have the primary responsibility of passenger safety. Additional duties include preflight of all required emergency equipment, announcements for boarding, inflight and disembarking.  Inflight duties of dealing with medical emergencies, food & beverage service, and specific customers needs is also required.


The minimal age for American Airlines flight attendants is 19 years old.  Applicants who are not at least 19 years old on the day they apply are automatically rejected.

Education/Work Experience
American Airlines flight attendants must possess a minimum High school diploma or GED, plus at least two years post-high school education or public contact work experience or specific flight attendant training such as The Travel Academy. Customer service work experience is preferred.

Flight Attendants must be a United States citizen or are legally allowed to work in the U.S.

American airlines flight attendants must relocate to any of 4 flight attendant bases and done so at your own expense.  These bases are located in, Chicago, IL, Dallas/Fort Worth, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Miami, FL, Boston, MA, New York City, NY, San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and Washington, DC.

Physical Requirements
Flight attendants must be able to put a heavy suitcase in the overhead bin.  Physical requirements involve pulling and pushing heavy objects as well and the ability to operate emergency equipment.

English Speaking
American Airlines flight attendants are required to have a full command of the English language.  Flight Attendants must be able to speak, write, read and have a conversational understanding of the English language.  Flight Attendants who travel internationally will have additional language requirements, depending on the route and country(s) of destination.

American Airlines Flight Attendant Training
All American Airlines Flight Attendants must obtain a certificate of demonstrated proficiency.  Job offers are not permanent until you successfully obtain the certificate and pass a 6 month probationary period.  American Airlines Flight Attendants are required to attend an unpaid training program lasting 6 weeks. In addition, new hires are expected to have enough cash to cover expenses during this time period.  Certification takes place at Dallas/Fort Worth in the American Airlines Training and Conference Center.

Career Advancement
American Airlines provides advancement opportunities to flight attendants.  There is a formal career development program in place to assist those who wish to advance their career.

American Airlines Flight attendants can be eligible after successfully completing a must complete a 6-month probationary period.  After the probationary time period, flight attendants may request transfer to another American Airlines base. Request made by American airlines Flight Attendants are granted based on  need, and are evaluated based on years of company service.  Those with more years of service, out rank those with fewer years of service.

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