All the Roles of a Flight Attendant

Miss Lynn knows that any good flight attendant school will explain all of the different “hats” that flight attendants must wear! Takes notes!


Flight attendants are the most highly visible employees on an aircraft. Flight attendants spend more time with passengers than any other airline employee and tend to their needs and requests. The Flight Attendant must offer the most specialized service to each and every passenger, while keeping safety as their top priority. Flight Attendants are quite unique individuals because they have the ability to juggle a variety of tasks while remaining cool, calm, and collected at 35,000 feet. They are known for displaying the newest shades of lipstick to emphasize our welcoming smiles and outstanding personalities.

If you’re pursuing a career in the bright blue skies as a Flight Attendant, review the duties and responsibilities below needed to be successful at any given elevation.

• Nurse Substitute: Provide basic first aid treatment as well as emergency medical services including, but not limited to, choking, cardiac arrest, seizures or CPR.

• Entertainer: Learn how to add a flair to your safety demonstration to keep the passengers attention while presenting safety related information onboard the aircraft.

Security Guards: Continually monitor the cabin and lavatories to provide a secure atmosphere for passengers and crew members.

Travel Consultant: Advise passengers where to go for the best of the best. Such as sandy white beaches, site seeing attractions, snorkeling, restaurants, or even unbelievable sunsets.

Air Barista: Whether our passengers like their beverages stirred, swirled, or shaken Flight Attendants can deliver a tasty beverage to satisfy any passenger.

• Reserve Firefighter: Flight Attendants are trained to remain very observant throughout each and every flight for the possible risk of fires and retaining the knowledge from training on how to extinguish a fire as quickly as possible.

Child Care Provider: Airlines have a large number of unaccompanied minors traveling in which Flight Attendants provide continual supervision, guidance, and ensure their comfort.

• Comedian: Yes that’s right, a comedian! Flight Attendants must possess the ability to add some humor to the flight as needed.

• Aircraft Mediator: Flight Attendants are trained on how to resolve minor disagreements to provide a safe relaxed environment.  It could be a small misunderstanding over whose seat is whose or possibly a complaint about a snoring passenger or crying baby.

• Food Expediter: Flight Attendants must acquire the skills necessary to quickly serve meals or requested menu items with an artistic flair to compliment the meal. Many times this task will be completed during light turbulence with grace…..and no spilling is allowed!

• Guidance Counselor: Whether traveling on the ground or in the air, many individuals at certain times need someone to talk to, or perhaps just someone to listen attentively to them. As a Flight Attendant you will lend out your ears and shoulders often to strangers who become friends.

Evacuation Specialist: Flight Attendants need to provide reassurance to passengers during episodes of turbulence, storms, and even in cases as serious as a land evacuation or ditching on water. All Flight Attendants are trained to complete an evacuation in 90 seconds or less….we are quick on our feet!

• Super Heroes: Plain and simple; Flight Attendants just make everything better! We fix what is broken, we apologize for things we didn’t even do, we turn sad into happy, and tears into joy. For flight attendants, going above and beyond is part of our normal routine. We love who we are, we love what we do, but most of all we love the passengers we serve!

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