Unique Ideas for When You Get Stuck With a Layover

Nobody actually wants to get stuck with a lengthy layover when all you want to do is to be at your destination safe and sound. However, a layover can be a blessing and a curse all in one. On one hand, it only further delays your plans and could be rather boring and cumbersome to be stuck at the airport for longer than you were planning. But to make the best out of a bad situation, here are some ways to actually enjoy your next layover!  

Walk around and do some exploring  

You’re going to be pretty cramped on the flight so you might as well stretch out those legs and check out your surroundings. This is all part of the experience of traveling.  

Eat somewhere you would normally never try

Airports are a unique spot because many of them will have restaurants serving food from all over the world. Take a break from your usual burger choice and try something a little more unusual.  

Make yourself comfortable and catch up on some much needed sleep 


If you are the type of person who cannot sleep on an airplane, then the airport is really your only chance to get some shuteye. Just make sure that whoever you are traveling with is awake to watch your bags while you doze off.  

People watch  

Airports are one of the best places in the world to people watch. There are people coming from all corners of the world together in one space for just a short time. It is certainly an interesting view to sit, relax, and watch the people pass by.  

Learn a new language 

Depending on where you are going happens to be somewhere that doesn’t use the same language as you, now would be a good time to learn some phrases and words that will help you out later.  

Check out the stores 

Just like the unusual restaurants, there can be some fun stores in airports as well. Generally speaking, airport stores are a little more spendy than regular stores, but it never hurts to look around while you have the extra time.  

Freshen up in the bathroom 

Let’s face it; traveling for too long is not great for personal hygiene. Take this time to do your face, wash your face, and reapply any makeup in the bathroom.

Catch up on some reading 

When else is there going to be a time as perfect as this to read? You have no other responsibilities other than to be at your gate at a certain time. The universe gave you this moment to read! Use it!  

Download any Netflix episodes that you are going to watch on the plane 

Remember that you aren’t going to be able to use the internet when you are up there, and unless you are traveling internationally, there is a slim chance that your flight will have free movies available.  

Do some cultural research  

It’s very important to know a country’s culture before going. Without any knowledge of the people that live there, you could unknowingly get yourself in some unwanted trouble. Good things to research would be social cues and safe places to visit.  

Call your friends and family 

Are you the kind of person who can waste two hours on the phone with your best friend or sibling? Then maybe this is how you can spend your layover! Just don’t get so caught up in your call that you miss your flight!  

Start a travel journal 

Travel journals are a great idea and keepsake for keeping track of your adventures. It’s always fun to look back years from this trip and see what you were feeling and what kinds of things you were seeing along the way. Bonus points if you can draw pictures along with it!  

Research your airport and see if there are any neat attractions 

Depending on which airport you are, there can be some unexpected surprise locations to cater to travelers from all over the world. Do a quick internet search to see if the one you are at has anything to offer.  

Splurge on some chocolate 

Or cookies, or really anything sweet. For some reason, there is always a good chocolate shop in airports.  

Make a playlist for your plane ride 

It may be a long flight ahead of you, it’s best to create and download all the music that you are going to need.  

Layovers aren’t all that bad. There are plenty of ways to make the best out of a boring situation, it’s up to you to make that a positive experience.