What is Crew Scheduling?

Crew scheduling refers to the assignment of airport personnel to maintain a schedule so they can meet organizational goals. Aircrafts vary in regards to the skill and experience of the crew required to run and maintain it. The person in charge of developing a schedule is known as a crew scheduler. Their job is to … Read more

5 Benefits of Being a Flight Attendant

Have you ever read a job description where traveling and meeting new people were two of the requirements? If not, you have probably never considered a career as a flight attendant. If you are looking for a job that is both fun and  compensates well, you may want to consider it. Flight attendants are not … Read more

3 Common Myths About Flight Attendants

For many people, flight attendants are mysterious creatures who appear in sleek blazers and vests to dispense tiny cans of soda and dinners served with diminutive silverware. They are able to defy the captain’s orders, walking around freely even with the fasten seat belt light on and seem utterly unbothered by turbulence that makes everyone … Read more

Caribbean Day in a Blizzard!

Travel Academy student and staff held their very own Caribbean Day potluck party on Friday, February 21st- which also happened to be one of the snowiest days this winter (so far). However, that certainly didn’t stop the festivities. Many students brought dishes and food to share- some home-cooked and others store-bought, and all of them … Read more

The Who and the What

When it comes to success, there’s an old saying that you’ve probably heard a thousand times: “It’s not WHAT you know. It’s WHO you know.” For an expression to be so cliché, there must be some truth to it. Let’s take a closer look. Think about it for a second. In any field or industry, … Read more

Sailing as Managers

Congratulations to Paige M, and Annalea M. They have become the newest managers to sail the intercostal waterways of the United States with American Cruise Lines. Annalea accepted a Cruise Director position and will be managing shore excursions (and participating in them) as well as onboard entertainment. Paige accepted a Food & Beverage Manager position and will be overseeing … Read more

Interviews Galore!

April is just one example of the job opportunities available to our graduates! Whether you are interested in becoming a flight attendant, working on a cruise ship, for a hotel, or car rental, the number of job opportunities are priceless! See the wonderful opportunities April has been presented with below! She just graduated last Friday! … Read more