Best Locations to Have a Layover

The Best Locations to Have a Layover Picture this, you are excited to be going to your destination and you find out that there is going to be a three-hour layover on your way there. Normally people are too thrilled about waiting for their flight for hours on end, but if you land at the right airport, … Read more

How to nail your interview

How to Nail Your Interview in Five Steps  Practice answering questions that the interviewer may ask  With a simple Google search, you can find tons of interview questions and how to answer them such as: Why are the best fit for this job? What do you like about this company? What is one time you … Read more

Unique Ideas for When You Get Stuck With a Layover

Nobody actually wants to get stuck with a lengthy layover when all you want to do is to be at your destination safe and sound. However, a layover can be a blessing and a curse all in one. On one hand, it only further delays your plans and could be rather boring and cumbersome to be stuck … Read more