What is Crew Scheduling?

Crew scheduling refers to the assignment of airport personnel to maintain a schedule so they can meet organizational goals. Aircrafts vary in regards to the skill and experience of the crew required to run and maintain it. The person charged with developing a schedule is known as a crew scheduler. Their job is to direct … Read more

3 Common Myths About Flight Attendants

For many people, flight attendants are mysterious creatures who appear in sleek blazers and vests to dispense tiny cans of soda and dinners served with diminutive silverware. They are able to defy the captain’s orders, walking around freely even with the fasten seat belt light on and seem utterly unbothered by turbulence that makes everyone … Read more

4 Benefits of Becoming a Flight Attendant

1. You can obtain endless travel miles The most obvious benefit of becoming a flight attendant is that the airline company you work for will make travel phenomenally easy and cheap for you and likely your family. Many airlines offer free stand-by flights to their employees, while others give employees a pool of guaranteed flight … Read more

The Advantages of Being a Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are responsible for making sure that airline passengers have a safe and comfortable flight. They greet passengers, help them stow their luggage and serve them refreshments throughout the flight. They also must provide information to these passengers about emergency procedures should the flight have any problem. A career path as a flight attendant … Read more

Cruising to Employment

Today, The Travel Academy had the pleasure of hosting its friends at American Cruise Lines for recruitment and hiring. American Cruise Lines and The Travel Academy have had a longstanding and mutually-beneficial relationship. Today we helped make that relationship even stronger.  Many students interviewed with ACL’s representative Joe P. In addition to traditional interview questions, … Read more