Flight Attendants Tips: Top 5 Ways to Avoid Getting Sick When Traveling

Flight attendants are constantly on the move. While this lifestyle is exciting and filled with adventure, it also brings risks to their health. Flights are inhabited by millions of travelers each day, which increases the potential for illnesses to spread more quickly. With this is mind, they take daily preventative measures to avoid getting sick. Here are five flight attendant tips that they have shared to help keep you healthy for wherever your next adventure takes you.

#1: Disinfect the plane’s surfaces

Public transportation is always filled with germs that could get you sick. You don’t know who was sitting in your seat before you or what sickness they could’ve been carrying. Keeping small wet wipes and hand sanitizer is a great way to avoid harmful bacteria.

#2: Don’t eat off the tray tables

Even if you disinfect your seating area, it is still never a good idea to eat food directly off the surface of tray table. Odds are, hundreds of people have sat in your seat in the past year and you don’t want to risk getting their germs. If a flight attendant wouldn’t eat off of a tray table, then you probably shouldn’t too.

#3: Take naps during your flight

Although naps aren’t usually an option for flight attendants, they still understand that getting enough sleep is an integral function of your health. On long flights, make sure to take a nap to keep up with your sleep schedule. This is especially helpful in the event of a time zone switch.

#4: Be mindful of when you exercise

Exercising right after the arrival of your flight actually isn’t the best idea. Typically, your body isn’t fully rested for a workout. You should give your body time to adjust to landing and make sure to re-hydrate properly before you decide to go to the gym.

#5: Stay hydrated

Drink more water! Flying dehydrates you and when this happens you are more likely to get sick. Avoid beverages with caffeine that will have the reverse effect. By following these 5 simple flight attendant tips, you can increase the odds of staying healthy wherever your travels take you.

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