Travel Leadership & Customer Relations - 600 Hours

The Travel LEADERSHIP & Customer Relations Program is designed for people who want to break into the travel industry- AND master the skills needed to ADVANCE!

This 600 hour program prepares people with little or no professional experience for amazing careers and advancement as a lead flight attendant, flight attendant crew member, cruise professional, travel agent, and many other travel professions.

The program is divided into three major segments:

1. Leadership Fundamentals– The first phase of the program is focused on leadership fundamentals and developing administrative skills necessary in the supervision of people in the travel industry.

2. Core– The second phase is provides the necessary “hands on” experience found in the most demanding of positions such as flight attendants, cruise professionals, travel agents, and other travel professions.

3. Landing Jobs– During the last two weeks, recruiters from airlines, cruise lines, and other travel companies will come to interview you. This is your opportunity to show everything you have learned and get job offers!

Travel Leadership & Customer Relations - The Travel Academy

What You'll Learn

Flight Attendant 
Hands-on training in Federal Aviation Regulations, airline terminology, aircraft configuration, in-flight issues, and much more!

Cruise Line Operations
An overview of the cruise ship industry focusing on customer service, cruise destinations, and duties of cruise ship positions.

Travel Destinations
Explore the most popular travel destinations around the world and how and why consumers travel there.

Reservations Systems
Learn how airline systems and other travel businesses book and manage traveler requests.

Customer Relations
Learn how to deal with customers, work with a wide variety of personalities, and how to determine customers’ needs.

Leadership & Public Speaking
Develop skills for leading, communicating, and presenting to large groups.

Microsoft© Office Suite
Learn the tools of Word©, Excel©, PowerPoint©, and Outlook©- essential programs for professional advancement.

Personal Finance
Learn the language of personal finance- including managing a personal credit report, credit cards, car payments, taxes, and other ways to achieve financial success.

Career Development
Learn how to interview, write a standout résumé, search for jobs, network, and more.

Professional Development
Build personal and professional skills to be successful.


Tuition & Fees

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