Testimonials & Reviews

In only 7 weeks of our campus class, students get multiple interviews like with Delta Airlines! Check out what one of them has to say about how he achieved this and the advice he has for landing that big interview!

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Shannon M.– November 2014
Flight Attendant

The Travel Academy was a breath of fresh air! My instructors were so helpful when it came to learning new material. I came into this program as a caterpillar, and now I’ll be flying away as a bold butterfly. Thanks, Travel Academy, for a wonderful ten weeks of fun and learning!

Jessica R.– November 2014
Flight Attendant

My experience at The Travel Academy was great! I met so many different people that were just like me. I found my dream job. I have no regrets. My roommates were just like me. Great placement.

Fabinta D.– November 2014
Flight Attendant

I just wanted to inform you that I got my wings. I couldn’t have done it without The Travel Academy & all the support I had from the instructors. God bless The Travel Academy!

Violet B.– November 2014
Steward and Utility

I believe that you aren’t able to grow as a person if you do the same thing everyday. Challenge yourself and try something new everyday. The Travel Academy definitely challenges you a different way everyday. As a result we have all realized how much more we have to offer the world and the courage to overcome our fears. We have successfully scared the crap out of ourselves every day and become better people for it!

Natalia A.– November 2014
Flight Attendant

Coming to The Travel Academy was amazing. I met wonderful people that I’ll never forget. I love the diversity at The Travel Academy and the awesome instructors we have

Kevin S.– November 2014
Utility Steward

My experience at The Travel Academy was great! The well-educated instructors and hands-on training helped me get a job with Norwegian Cruise Line. THANK YOU!

Jatavia B– November 2014
Flight Attendant

Coming to The Travel Academy was a bit scary, but I do not regret a thing! I have met people that I will love forever. The instructors were great. I have learned so much that I did not know before and am thankful. The experience was worth it. It helps you find yourself deeply. Thank you to all the Travel Academy staff for such an awesome adventure. I will truly miss you all.

Hannah I.– November 2014
Flight Attendant

Coming to The Travel Academy was absolutely unforgettable. I have made an abundance of friends, many of which I believe will be friends for a lifetime. The instructors have been so phenomenal and have encouraged me since day one. I have learned so much about the travel industry and about myself since coming here. If it weren’t for this amazing school, I would not have been hired as quickly as I was. I would especially like to thank Peggy and TJ for their continuous support and guidance. The entire staff is just wonderful. Thank you so much, Travel Academy, for making my dreams come true! I cannot wait to share all of my adventures with you all!

Jocelyn B.– November 2014
Restaurant Steward

My overall experience was great!! The teachers and staff are extremely helpful and friendly. They prepar yo with the knowledge and understanding you need to make it in the travel industry and I am very grateful! I cannot wait to get back to everyone at the academy with my experiences in Hawaii, they definitely will be hearing from me!

Mechaill M.– November 2014
Flight Attendant

I wanted to let The Travel Academy know how thankful I truly am that you guys believed in me. I was very happy to be offered the training position at Mesa, but I never thought I was going to leave school before I had a real “see you later.”” I am so very proud of everyone.