Testimonials & Reviews

In only 7 weeks of our campus class, students get multiple interviews like with Delta Airlines! Check out what one of them has to say about how he achieved this and the advice he has for landing that big interview!

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Thaddeus H.– April 2017
Cruise Wait Staff

My experience with TTA has taught me more than just how to travel and tour. It helped me grow as a person and evolve into a better man. I improved my team leadership skills as well as my public speaking. I’ve learned proper etiquette and how to balance my funds. Overall it’s been a great experience, especially for the younger generation with absolutely no experience. Thanks, TTA, for yet another lifelong lesson.

Dean K.– March 2017
Flight Attendant

My experience at the travel academy has been great! I’ve met so many people from all over. I have learned so much regarding the travel industry. Great Location, Area, and Staff. Thank you for the experience and memories!

Madison N.– March 2017
Flight Attendant

My experience at The Travel Academy has been amazing. I learned so many things, and everyone in class has felt like family. It’s been a crazy 10 weeks, and I will miss everyone, but it’s time to start my career. Hope to come back soon to visit.

Gloryam A.– March 2017
Flight Attendant

I’m happy that I’ve attended TTA because I got to meet amazing and wonderful people around the U.S.

Lilibeth F.– March 2017
Flight Attendant

TTA has been a thrill! I’ve met so many wonderful people and now have friends for a lifetime. The staff is incredible and have so many interesting stories. The opportunities are endless, and the experience is a joy. TTA is a place for you to explore the world in just ten weeks!

Jeremiah D.– February 2017
Cruise Steward

It’s been one amazing experience- making friends that will last a lifetime!

Magen T.– November 2016
Customer Service Specialist

The Travel Academy was a great experience for me. I learned so much, and the teachers were knowledgeable and understanding. I can’t wait to start my travel industry career!

Melanie N.– November 2016
Flight Attendant

I am so happy that I went to The Travel Academy. I’ve learned so much and met so many amazing people! I have them to thank for helping me to land my dream job!

Anna A.– November 2016
Flight Attendant

This experience was amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Thank you so much TTA!

Karina B.– November 2016
Flight Attendant

My experience at The Travel Academy was exactly what I wanted it to be and then some! The staff here has been amazing and so helpful anytime I needed anything. Every instructor is as knowledgeable as you could imagine. Going into the interview process was a breeze all thanks to The Travel Academy. I will definitely be recommending them to anyone looking to start a career in the travel industry.