Testimonials & Reviews

The Travel Academy is grateful for (and proud of) the great things our graduates have said about their experience at TTA!


Check out these testimonials and reviews:

Gloryam A.- March 2017
Flight Attendant

I'm happy that I've attended TTA because I got to meet amazing and wonderful people around the U.S.

Lilibeth F.- March 2017
Flight Attendant

TTA has been a thrill! I've met so many wonderful people and now have friends for a lifetime. The staff is incredible and have so many interesting stories. The opportunities are endless, and the experience is a joy. TTA is a place for you to explore the world in just ten weeks!

Jeremiah D.- February 2017
Cruise Steward

It's been one amazing experience- making friends that will last a lifetime!

Magen T.- November 2016
Customer Service Specialist

The Travel Academy was a great experience for me. I learned so much, and the teachers were knowledgeable and understanding. I can't wait to start my travel industry career!

Melanie N.- November 2016
Flight Attendant

I am so happy that I went to The Travel Academy. I've learned so much and met so many amazing people! I have them to thank for helping me to land my dream job!

Anna A.- November 2016
Flight Attendant

This experience was amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world! Thank you so much TTA!

Karina B.- November 2016
Flight Attendant

My experience at The Travel Academy was exactly what I wanted it to be and then some! The staff here has been amazing and so helpful anytime I needed anything. Every instructor is as knowledgeable as you could imagine. Going into the interview process was a breeze all thanks to The Travel Academy. I will definitely be recommending them to anyone looking to start a career in the travel industry.

Toni J K.- November 2016
Flight Attendant

I believe TTA helped make this possible. TTA was an amazing opportunity. I am so glad I came and wouldn't change it for anything. All the teachers are great. Thank you for all your help and for everything else!

Olena B.- November 2016
Flight Attendant

A Great Experience! It feels like you are part of a family!

Hannah D.- November 2016
Flight Attendant

I've had a good experience here. I feel as though I made a good investment of my time and moneyto come to The Travel Academy. I've made good friends and good experiences!