Testimonials & Reviews

The Travel Academy is grateful for (and proud of) the great things our graduates have said about their experience at TTA!


Check out these testimonials and reviews:

Lilibeth F.- March 2017
Flight Attendant

TTA has been a thrill! I've met so many wonderful people and now have friends for a lifetime. The staff is incredible and have so many interesting stories. The opportunities are endless, and the experience is a joy. TTA is a place for you to explore the world in just ten weeks!

Jazmine C.- February 2017
Flight Attendant

This experience has been absolutely life changing! I have met amazing people, formed friendships, and grown as a person. TTA prepared me for life as a flight attedant, and I am truly grateful for everything I learned and experienced coming here.

Jeremiah D.- February 2017
Cruise Steward

It's been one amazing experience- making friends that will last a lifetime!

Lauren B.- December 2016
Front Desk

Attending The Travel Academy was such a great experience. It has opened my eyes to all the wonderful opportunities in the travel industry. I can't wait to start the next chapter in my life, thanks to The Travel Academy!

Jasmine R.- December 2016
Ticket Agent

TTA wasn't easy, but if you believe in yourself and trust you will do great, you will and that's what I did. I believed in myself and trusted that I would do great. There's no other academy like The Travel Academy. TTA is exciting, fun, and the best place to start your career and it's only for 10 weeks!!!

Regan W.- December 2016
Front Desk Supervisor

I really appreciate Ms. Julie helping me get through the application process and ultimately getting hired. I also really appreciate Miss Steph for being there for me on good and bad days- she helped me keep my chin up and moving forward.

William H.- December 2016
Flight Attendant

The Travel Academy prepared me for the interview process perfectly. I felt comfortable and prepared in nearly every way for the interview and being able to secure my space in training! I met some really wonderful people here and hope to keep them as friends for life. The curriculum here has given me a heads up for initial training and made me feel confident that I will pass with "flying"" colors!"

Patience D.- December 2016
Cruise Steward

I'm absolutely blessed to say that I attended The Travel Academy. I had the opportunity to meet wonderful teachers who prepared me for this exciting journey. I never thought I would be in the travel industry, coming from being a college basketball player. I would recommend The Travel Academy to anyone who wants to bring the traveling experience to another level. Thank you so much!

Cherelle T.- December 2016
Flight Attendant

Coming to The Travel Academy was one of the smartest decisions I've ever made. This has given me an opportunity of a lifetime to quickly start my dream career! I thank everyone at The Travel Academy for pushing me to be prepared for flight attendant training at Republic Airways!

Valerie C- December 2016
Cruise Steward

The Travel Academy was the best decision I have ever made! I'm excited to tell everyone about the wonderful experiences and opportunities I have gained!