Graduating From Flight Attendant School- Keep On Moving

Today marked the ending of the 120-Hour Overview students’ journey at The Travel Academy, but it also marked the beginning of their world journey as travel professionals.

The ceremony was small but significant in the lives of seven bright and determined individuals. After encouraging words from president Curt Armstrong, students went up to receive their certificates. Then the class-elected speaker gave a fine speech about all the class had learned over the last four weeks. He also stressed the fact that this date marked not only an ending, but, more importantly, a beginning. His classmates clearly agreed with the sentiment.

However, the ceremony was not just about feelings and words. There was also a significant amount of action that had taken place during the past four weeks. Out of the small class, and incredible four were hired before graduating- an exceptional feat given the course’s short length. Of the four that were hired, two were hired as flight attendants at GoJet/Trans States Airlines (United Airlines/US Airways/Delta Air Lines carriers). Both graduates credited the training they received at TTA’s flight attendant school as a main reason they believe they had been hired. Another student hired was offered a position at a local travel agency. One student was also hired as a steward at American Cruise Lines- one the nation’s leading cruise companies.

As shown in even this small brief class, students at The Travel Academy have ample opportunities to start travel careers in many different areas.

Students posing with their certificates at graduation