Flight Attendants Experience More

Part of the allure (perhaps THE biggest part) of the flight attendant career is the adventure of it. One day, you’re in Milan checking out the latest fashion- the next day you’re in Hong Kong taking in a breathtaking skyline. It’s true; flight attendants have the opportunity to experience many things in life that others simply don’t have.

Placement Director Miss TJ is a former flight attendant. She has a seemingly limitless number of great stories and moments from her time in the sky. She was kind enough to pick her five favorite moments while working as a flight attendant. Here they are (in no particular order). Enjoy!

1. Providing service for the Target dog- “Bullseye”- It was a female bull terrier who had her own handler/trainer. Bullseye sat in the front row with first-class service. She was trained to sit on one side so she would not smudge her red bullseye makeup painted around her one eye.

2. Escorting a returning soldier to his family after returning from duty abroad- The soldier had just finished a tour in the Middle East and was returning to his family. He became very overwhelmed with the thought of seeing his family after avoiding the obvious consequences that, for some, did not make it home. Quite possibly with the combination of lack of sleep, not much to eat, and an extra beer in the airport before departing, it all hit him at once. I walked him to his awaiting family after all other passengers had deplaned to witness a most moving homecoming.

3. Having a little girl- about 8 years old- hand me a picture she drew of me saying that THIS is what she wants to be when she grows up.

4. Being slipped a note upon departure by a passenger, to find out later, after returning to base for the day, that I had made such a difference to that individual. The words of appreciation and thanks brought me to tears knowing that I was doing my job and it had made a difference.

5. Watching a thunderstorm from above at 30,000 feet in the air, sharing the excitement and awe of Mother Nature with the passengers.