Flight Attendant School- Emergency Evacuations

Today students in the 120-Hour Overview had their chance to practice performing emergency evacuations at a nearby flight training simulator facility. The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school has been training people in this procedure for years now. Ms. Julie, one of the school’s instructors, is a former flight attendant. Today she is sharing with us some of her tips for a successful emergency evacuation.

  1. Assess outside conditions through the window
  2. Assess door condition with back of hand for heat
  3. Hold onto assist handle (and hold onto it!)
  4. Open door
  5. Check for fire, water, smoke, or debris
  6. Pull red handle to inflate the emergency slide
  7. Begin evacuating passengers when slide is fully inflated

To be sure, this is just a brief list. Students are given much more theoretical and hands-on practice in class and at the training facility. Stay tuned for more helpful tips to learn how to become a flight attendant!

Collage of students learning how to perform emergency evacuations