Experience: The Greatest Flight Attendant School

Flight Attendant Instructor Ms. Lynn teaches you that the best flight attendant school is experience- along with The Travel Academy! Enjoy!

Are you prepared for take-off with your seatbelt securely fastened? Are you ready to let your dreams come to life as you jet to new international destinations?  If so, Omni Air International may be your ticket into the blue skies!

Omni Air International

During my exciting role as Lead Flight Attendant with OAI, I supervised the duties and responsibilities of all the flight attendants on board. The main focus was safety and security. A vital element for all flight attendants is to understand and follow all company policies and procedures. In addition, the Federal Aviation Regulations must also be abided by. As a LFA, one of my other main responsibilities was to handle any medical emergency situations that arose and provide proper medical treatment. I was trained on this during my thorough, yet invigorating, initial training program. Throughout my career with OAI, I served as a mentor to other flight attendants. I also shared my knowledge and experiences all while providing the stellar customer service OAI is recognized for worldwide.

The Travel Academy

Since retiring my wings, I have been given another great career opportunity as the Flight Attendant Instructor at The Travel Academy’s flight attendant school. With my extensive aviation knowledge, unique teaching style, and passion for travel, I’m easily able to connect with our students and assist them in establishing an exciting new career.

During the most recent Flight Attendant and Customer Relations Program, I had the opportunity to work independently with a few students that were intrigued with the foundation of Omni Air International. Thus, they chose to pursue a career with the well-respected airline and travel the world. These students were very focused and dedicated in their preparation for the Open House Interview Session. They were full of confidence, perseverance, and well prepared with their newly acquired flight attendant training from The Travel Academy. As we all know, hard work pays off as they have received an invitation to be part of the upcoming initial flight attendant training program.

Needless to say, I am extremely proud of these students, and I look forward to seeing their careers progress!