Flight Attendant Training- Emergency Evacuations

Today the 120-hour students visited a popular nearby flight attendant training center to practice emergency evacuations- among many other important flight attendant duties. Miss Peggy led a group of excited soon-to-be flight attendants to the cabin trainer where they practiced duties including boarding, pre-flight inspections, working with unaccompanied minors, and many others. The students learned … Read more

Flight Attendant Training in Action- Part II

Yesterday we welcomed Janey to The Travel Academy’s admissions team and heard the first part of her travel career story. Today we continue… After working as a travel agent for AAA for almost three years, Janey put her flight attendant training to use and became an international flight attendant and lead trainer for over five … Read more

Travel Agents of the Future

Students at The Travel Academy had the privilege of meeting with representatives from Short’s Travel Management- a leading corporate travel agency out of Des Moines, Iowa.  The day began with a brief overview of Short’s Travel Management. The representatives explained details about the company’s history as well as its niche in the travel agency industry … Read more

Flight Attendant Mock Interview Training

Today the 120-hour students had the chance to show what they have learned in the past couple weeks at The Travel Academy’s mock open house/interview session. The mock open house/interview session is set up to be as realistic as possible. Students must arrive early at their interviews and wait in the reception area. They cannot … Read more

Hands Up

Flight attendant training certainly is meticulous work. There is a specific order and tempo to operations that must be adhered to, otherwise the entire system can crash. This truth is especially apparent during safety demonstrations. Students in the 120-hour course practiced safety demonstrations for the first time in this session. They quickly learned that there … Read more


Keeping with the theme of the last blog post (hands on experience), students in the 120-hour course put their professional development and interviewing skills into practice today at the airline mock open house and interview sessions. Students gave their “sparkle and shine” speeches to potential “employers” and their classmates (competitors). They also gave air safety … Read more

Bring It Down

They say that there is no substitute for real, hands-on experience. The instructors at The Travel Academy couldn’t agree more. They prefer to take school outside the classroom so that students can see, hear, smell, and feel what being a flight attendant is really like. On Friday, June 13th, students from the 120-hour class perfected … Read more

Airport Scavenger Hunt!

Travel Academy students from the 300-hour course went out into the “real world” of travel once again. This time they visited Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport. However, this excursion was not your typical leisurely field trip. In this particular outing, students were expected to find things scattered around the airport- a scavenger hunt. Now some people … Read more

In with the New!

Today The Travel Academy was fortunate to meet its newest group of 120-hour students. As always when a new a class begins, President Curt Armstrong gave some words of congratulations, encouragement, and wisdom. Following speeches from the instructors, the students were led on a building tour by Miss Sheila. After the tour, the students introduced … Read more