How to Become a Flight Attendant- Help Your Kids Travel! 

Miss Deanna shows that the love of travel runs in families. Her son might even want to learn how to become a flight attendant.

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Touching down in Japan is like entering a whole new world.  When I was a Flight Attendant based in Boston I went to Osaka twice. The people are more formal, bowing to you to say hello and to show that they understand. The city is low and sprawling because of their many earthquakes. Buildings are not very many stories tall. The streets are narrow with Japanese calligraphy characters on the signs. Many of the malls and restaurants are underground. Their subway system is amazing, and many of the natives don’t even get their driver’s license.  Also there isn’t a lot of parking and the cars are small.

My son just got back from a study abroad program in Tokyo where he lived at Bunkyo Gakuin University. While he was in Japan he saw a Tokyo Giants baseball game, watched sumo wrestling matches, and went to Tokyo Disney. He went on an excursion to see a volcano in Karuizawa. My son had to perform the YMCA dance at the Bunkyo Festival where students from different cultures showed traditional dances. They also got to carry a shrine through the streets during the festival. His group toured the city of Nikko where they saw Buddhist Temples and nature in the mountainous area.

At the end of his four month stay he went to Hiroshima (pictured above), Kyoto, and Osaka which are all cities in Southern Japan. They visited many temples and historic sites in this beautiful region.

It is exciting to know that my son was in Osaka, the same city that I had visited when I was a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines.

Night time photo of the Tokyo Tower.