How to Become a Flight Attendant- Be a STAR!

Miss Lynn teaches you how to become a flight attendant by knowing the STAR method of interviewing.

The Travel Academy offers assistance on a variety of interview types in order to help you succeed in the job seeking process. Interview styles such as free flowing, group/panel, formal style, and competency-based have become very popular. You will learn many new techniques on how to approach these styles and more.

Competency-based interviews make the application process objective by asking candidates the same questions. This removes any bias from the interviewer. The interview questions tend to start with a variation of “Tell me about a time when…”. This may sound rather simple, however, people that are not well prepared often have a difficult time thinking of a good example. In addition, they may also not be able to offer a detailed but simply outlined answer. The STAR process allows candidates to structure a professional response and be fully prepared.


1.    Situation/Task – Set the context for your story.
2.    Action – What did you do?
3.    Result – What was the final outcome?

Example: Tell me about a time when you helped resolve a dispute between others.

(Situation/Task)- Most recently while I was employed as a waitress by Tasty Treat Burgers, I was working the morning shift along with two other waitresses named Mindy and Sarah. It was very obvious to me, and most likely to our customers, that these two had a difficult time communicating.

(Action)- In an attempt to help improve the communication barrier between Mindy and Sarah, I invited them to join me for a fun night of bowling and pizza in a relaxed atmosphere. This would allow us to visit and get to know each other better.

(Result)- Mindy and Sarah discovered that they had many things in common. After that evening, they worked in harmony together at the restaurant which provided an enjoyable atmosphere for everyone.

Practicing and implementing the STAR process at your next interview will allow you to deliver a professional and articulate answer that is sure to impress the recruiter.