Importance of Professionalism

The importance of professionalism in the travel industry is imperative. In order to succeed at The Travel Academy and in your career, you must be professional. The Travel Academy is unable to give strong recommendations to employers if unprofessionalism is demonstrated. To ensure success at The Travel Academy and in future travel positions, please read … Read more

Top Reasons Why Travel Agents Are Valuable

Travel agents are as valuable today as they were 20 years ago. Here are the top reasons why: A Travel Agent has More Knowledge and Skills Skilled at researching and having contacts to get answers fast for clients, travel agents are educated on many destinations and suppliers of hotels/resorts, car rental companies, and more. A … Read more

Excellent Customer Service on the North Shore

Imagine working amidst private woods, lapping waves, and breathtaking views of massive Lake Superior. During my weekend reprieve to Larsmont Cottages, I was awe struck by the surrounding beauty of the property, and the high minded level of customer service from the front desk, waitstaff, chef, housekeeping, and guest services. This experience at Larsmont reminded … Read more

All about Angelia!

Meet Angelia! The Travel Academy (TTA) has been busy interviewing some students! We wanted to know more about them! Name: Angelia From: Jackson, Mississippi Career most interested in: Flight attendant Why I chose TTA: I wanted to further my interest in the travel industry, specifically learning more about becoming a flight attendant. Experience so far at … Read more

Destination of the Week: London!

Cheers mates! Summer is the perfect time to visit one of the greatest destinations in the UK. From bars and pubs in Piccadilly Circus, to famous parks such as Hyde Park, history like Parliament and Westminster Abbey, art museums and theater, shopping, and the Royal family at Buckingham and Kensington Palace, there sure is something … Read more