Cruise Line Schooling! When Is It Your Time?

The Travel Academy is proud to announce that Mandy B has returned home and joined The Travel Academy Training team! Mandy was a 2005 graduate of The Travel Academy. Since then, Mandy has been a travel agent and trainer and has worked for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line as a trainer! Mandy will allow us to train and help students get hired even more for cruise lines and travel agencies. The travel industry is one of the few industries gaining jobs.  So, when is it your time to start your travel career!

In an article written by Donna Tunney, Royal Caribbean Cruise lines profits have surged 74% in quarter 2! The passenger load has increased since 2010 and the expectation of a further increase in passengers is expected in 2012! With an increase in passenger loads, the need for cruise line employees is on the rise!