Ever Hear Of Home Based Travel Agents? Here’s Your Chance!

Have you ever heard of home based travel agents? Home based travel agents are travel agents that work from home, many times independently. Most of the home based travel agents are apart of a hosting agency for example, Travel Quest | Travel Leaders.

This is the new generation of travel agents. Because of the new technology, many travelers find travel agents no longer useful. However, that shouldn’t be the case! Travel agents, whether based in a agency setting or at home are able to do things that you as a traveler aren’t able to. Travel agents are able to assist the traveler during rough times in their vacations. For example, a cancelled flight, a bad hotel experience, terrible customer service etc. Travel agents take care of getting you taken care of! Let the travel agent take the time to make you happy, rather than you spending all of your vacation in front of an airline or hotel desk. Travel agents are also able to answer questions and research information for you that you may have no desire or time to do.

In a recent online article written by Vegas Inc, the amount of home based travel agents is on the rise! An excellent turn out of over 1,500 people attended the Las Vegas Home-based Travel Agent event last week. Students from The Travel Academy also were in attendance!

The Travel Academy offers travel agent training as well as on-site travel agent internships to get real travel agent experience!  Now is a great time to become a travel agent, whether you want to work in an agency or at home, its a great career!