Travel Agent Training- Packing Like a Pro

Miss Leslie’s travel agent training will show you how to be a great traveler yourself. Check out her packing tips! Traveling abroad or of great distance often entails ample amounts of time. The journey itself, jet lag, time zone changes and the desire to see as much as possible due to the expense require one to be … Read more

Travel Agent Training- Go With Someone New!

Miss Leslie was a travel agent for many years. Part of her travel agent training included taking chances and being adventurous! Enjoy! For the first time my two sisters and I recently took a trip together. Not only did I get to know my sisters, to my surprise I discovered we are actually fun people! … Read more

Travel Agent Training on Vacation

Miss Leslie shows you that great travel agent training can happen on vacation. Not only does Miss Leslie have a background as a travel agent, but she also has experience with cruises and other sectors within hospitality. Needless to say, we’re glad to have her at The Travel Academy! ♦   ♦   ♦   … Read more

Tips to Become an Ace Travel Agent

Read Miss Cindy’s tips on how to become a travel agent that people refer to their friends! — As a Travel Agent, it is especially important to be thorough and pay attention to detail. How would you feel if you got to the airport and your travel agent had not informed you that you needed … Read more

What Are A Travel Agent’s Responsibilities?

Travelers may ask why a travel agent is needed. Consumers can shop around and make their own travel arrangements online, however, the personal attention that a travel agent gives a customer is something you can’t get online. Using a travel agent can improve your travel experience. A travel agent needs to be knowledgeable of the world, … Read more

Travel Agents Still in Demand

Miss Sheila came across a FoxNews list of “10 Reasons Why You Still Need a Travel Agent.” She was kind enough to share the list, as well as her unique perspective on each of the points. Visit us to learn more about our travel agent training. 1. They are educated and have personal experience My experience: Travel Agents usually … Read more

Caribbean Day in a Blizzard!

Travel Academy student and staff held their very own Caribbean Day potluck party on Friday, February 21st- which also happened to be one of the snowiest days this winter (so far). However, that certainly didn’t stop the festivities. Many students brought dishes and food to share- some home-cooked and others store-bought, and all of them … Read more

More Job Offers

Congratulations Siara! She was offered a flight attendant position and a cruise line position before graduation! Like many of our graduates, Siara, also received flight attendant schooling and cruise line training to prepare for an exciting career in the travel industry. See Siara’s experience below! “My experience at The Travel Academy has been way better than … Read more

Over 140 Interviews

Congratulations to our students over the past 10 weeks. There were over 140 interviews for flight attendant, travel agent, cruise line, hotel, and car rental positions. Students at The Travel Academy receive flight attendant training, cruise line schooling, travel agent training, hotel & hospitality training, and more. Through this comprehensive training, graduates are well prepared … Read more

Interviews Galore!

April is just one example of the job opportunities available to our graduates! Whether you are interested in becoming a flight attendant, working on a cruise ship, for a hotel, or car rental, the number of job opportunities are priceless! See the wonderful opportunities April has been presented with below! She just graduated last Friday! … Read more