Travel Agents Still in Demand

Miss Sheila came across a FoxNews list of “10 Reasons Why You Still Need a Travel Agent.” She was kind enough to share the list, as well as her unique perspective on each of the points. Visit us to learn more about our travel agent training.

1. They are educated and have personal experience

My experience: Travel Agents usually know more than the public. They have insider tips and advice and use their experience to help guide the best vacation possible. In addition, they know suppliers and can find the best travel solution.

2. They have clout

My experience: Many agents develop relationships with the suppliers they sell. These relationships can help a customer get a room in a sold out hotel. 

3. The fixer

My experience: When you book a trip online and have a problem, who are you going to call? It can be difficult to find a phone number for an online travel site. A travel agent will do all they can to fix a problem. They are accountable. The working relationships with the suppliers are beneficial when trying to fix something that went wrong.

4. Cost-savings

My experience:  A travel agent can find the best value. They have access to benefits that can save you money and give you a better travel experience.  

5. Time savings

My experience: It can take a lot of time searching on line for the best airline ticket price, car rental, cruise or tour to Europe. Have an expert do it for you. 

6. Safety Net

My experience:  If something goes wrong on your trip, you can rely on them to help you. Volcano eruption in Iceland? They can arrange alternate travel arrangements, so you can enjoy your trip and not spend time waiting online doing it yourself.

7. On the Cutting Edge

My experience:  Travel Agents are the first to know of new cruises, resorts, etc.  Airlines, cruises & tour operators have representatives that visit travel agencies to inform them on new products, usually before it is announced to the public.

8. You Pay the Same Anyway!

My experience: The price is usually the same whether you book it, or you have a travel agent book it.

9. You get matched right

My experience: A travel agent will qualify the customer to find out their likes and dislikes. A travel agent knows the products and what the best fit will be for their customer. They want the customer to have a good travel experience.

10. An Ongoing Mutually Beneficial Relationship

My experience: Once you find a good travel agent, you will want to keep them. When a customer has a good travel experience booked by a travel agent, they will come back when they travel again, because they know it was done right.

A portrait of Miss Sheila- travel agent instructor at The Travel Academy