Over 140 Interviews


Congratulations to our students over the past 10 weeks. There were over 140 interviews for flight attendant, travel agent, cruise line, hotel, and car rental positions. Students at The Travel Academy receive flight attendant training, cruise line schooling, travel agent training, hotel & hospitality training, and more. Through this comprehensive training, graduates are well prepared for many opportunities within the ever growing travel industry. For example, many of graduates begin a career with a cruise line, and then later decide to become a flight attendant, and they can because they were well trained. Many individuals go to college looking to specialize in one specific topic so they can do one specific thing, and that’s great.

Don’t forget that before specializing in one specific topic, students have to dabble in different areas of study known as generals. Generals may not appear to be useful at the time, however, over time, students are glad they learned the materials and tend to apply it in their jobs. The same applies at The Travel Academy. Many students attend The Travel Academy with their hearts set on becoming a flight attendant, but as soon as their eyes are opened to many other areas of the industry, their interest tends to vary, allowing more opportunities.

Graduate Michael C, Kentucky, for example has had several interviews in various areas of the travel industry. In addition, he’s also had many job offers.


Michael interviewed with Norwegian Cruise Lines for a cruise line position. He also interviewed with Go Jet Airlines | United Airlines | Delta Airlines Carrier for a flight attendant position. Michael received an offer from both companies because of his vast amount of knowledge in each topic.


Quinn C, California, also had several interviews with hotels and travel agencies. He also received offers from both categories.