Travel Agent Training on Vacation

Miss Leslie shows you that great travel agent training can happen on vacation. Not only does Miss Leslie have a background as a travel agent, but she also has experience with cruises and other sectors within hospitality. Needless to say, we’re glad to have her at The Travel Academy!

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As the morning sun warmed the streets of Bodrum, Turkey, we wandered toward the harbor. The traditional breakfast of feta cheese, hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, olives, and crusty bread filled our bellies. Merchants bustled about their spaces filled with colorful spices and brilliant tapestries. The smell of Turkish coffee mixed with salt water filled the air.

At port, the Turkish wooden combination motor/sailing vessels (gulets) were being prepared in anticipation for a busy day on the Aegean Sea. As crew cleaned decks and loaded supplies, they approached tourists in search of an excursion for the day. Prices vary per ship and decrease as the capacity moves up. Before long, we found ourselves helping convince passer-bys that this was the best one to sail on that day!

Fellow travelers of all ages and nationalities sprawled across decks. Excitement and joy helped bridge the diversity of the languages. Any limits to communication were simply met with a smile or giggle as we passed cameras helping one another capture this memory.

How lucky we were that wind conditions allowed the use of sails that day. The splash of the sea spray upon us was refreshing in the heat. We’d stop on occasion for a spontaneous swim or camel ride on a beach. We also savored a delicious lunch of fresh fish we caught that morning, assorted Mediterranean olives, and Baba Ganoush (spicy eggplant salad.) I literally squealed with delight as I snorkeled over sunken Roman ruins. Really! There were submerged columns right below me lying in the beautiful aquamarine lagoon.

As we returned to the coast that evening we gazed upon the sun setting behind the turrets of the Castle of St. Peter. The exotic vista further enhanced by the chant of the Ezan (Call to Prayer) sounding from speakers atop the minarets of the majestic Village Mosque. It was an unforgettable day!

A  ship on the sea in Turkey