Caribbean Day in a Blizzard!

Travel Academy student and staff held their very own Caribbean Day potluck party on Friday, February 21st- which also happened to be one of the snowiest days this winter (so far). However, that certainly didn’t stop the festivities. Many students brought dishes and food to share- some home-cooked and others store-bought, and all of them delicious. Many students used the opportunity to showcase some famous dishes from their native countries or states. One student named Zobida brought a native Syrian rice dish that quickly disappeared from the table due to its excellent flavor. Miss Cindy’s BBQ meatballs were also a hit, with people begging for the recipe and Miss Cindy gladly divulging her cooking secrets. After the potluck, students went back to their classroom for an afternoon of contests and games. The winner of the “Best-Dressed” contest was hard for the judges to decide because of all the amazing ad colorful tropical outfits that people donned. However, ultimately it was Carlos from the 300-hour class who took the prize- a bag of candy! After that, students lined up for the limbo. The contest took a long time because there were so many flexible, nimble, and determined people in line.  All in all, Caribbean Day was a complete success. Even though the weather was harsh outside, Travel Academy students made it a warm and tropical paradise inside. Thanks to all of them for the food and the great time!