Personal Experience: How The Travel Academy Outshines Regular College In Terms of Job Success

During my first day in college, I was thrilled for what the future had in store for me. Here I was at a private University that was roughly $30,000 a year. I decided on a private University because I strived in smaller classrooms rather than classrooms that had over 100 people. I thought paying $30,000 a year for four years would be worth it in the long haul career wise. However, the four years had gone by very fast. I was graduating, still unsure of what I wanted to do and where I was going to work.

Before graduation, I visited the career development center for résumé, cover letter, and interview help. I collected tips on how to write the perfect résumé and dress for an interview, but it lacked personal attention.

During my time in college, I also worked for a radio station. I knew that after graduation, it was time for me to find a full time job because my monthly student loan payment would be $1800 and was starting within six months! Needless to say, I was in full panic mode. I had to find a full time job immediately. All of the private colleges were encouraging students to go to job fairs with thousands of students in attendance. I went to a few and didn’t come out with an interview or job.

At the radio station during the state fair, there was a startup company promoting itself. I knew that was a good chance to at least start networking. I put myself out there and introduced myself to the owner and assisted in promoting his product. A few weeks later, I followed up with him, and received my first full time job in the field I studied in.

Many students I graduated with didn’t find full time jobs, or jobs within their study. They are still struggling with their student loan payment and confidence in the job market is lost. This is where The Travel Academy makes a difference!

The Travel Academy

At The Travel Academy, tuition is affordable, financial aid options are available, and we work with you until you are hired! Most schools provide a job website, but fail to provide that one on one attention to their students. The Travel Academy is a small school allowing for more one on one attention for career development and job placement.

This is one school that really does help their students find employment and also helps in career advancement! The problem with private or public colleges is that they are too big to personalize learning and help everyone. I am not putting down the career services at any college, but the personalization just isn’t there. The Travel Academy has that!

The Travel Academy also has many professional connections with travel companies to recruit and hire our graduates.  They even make special visits to do so! The connection that The Travel Academy has to many industry professionals gives extra help and support to those that were in my position. Individual’s right out of high school at just 18 years old or those in their 50’s can obtain this help and attend The Travel Academy! Students learn how to apply for jobs, can nail that perfect interview, dress to impress, and land that job! Most importantly, they get the opportunity to interview and impress the company. How many other people get the opportunity of many interviews with different companies they really want to work for? Hardly any!

As the Assistant General Manager at The Travel Academy, I see these students every day and interact with them personally. They are great students and deserve the world of opportunity that comes to them. If I was 18 and out of high school or in my 30’s wanting a career change, I would attend The Travel Academy based on the caring staff and consistent assistance students receive. I have never discovered any other school that does the same. The Travel Academy is where it all begins! The sky is the limit!

-Allison Nawracaj

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