Top Reasons Why Travel Agents Are Valuable

Travel agents are as valuable today as they were 20 years ago. Here are the top reasons why:

A Travel Agent has More Knowledge and Skills

Skilled at researching and having contacts to get answers fast for clients, travel agents are educated on many destinations and suppliers of hotels/resorts, car rental companies, and more.

A Travel Agent Finds You the Best Deal and Best Value

Travel agents are here to help customers find a great deal, but also get the best value for their money. This means spending countless hours trying to ensure their clients are getting the value they deserve.

Travel Agents Save Clients Time

Travel agents spend countless hours researching destinations, hotels/resorts, car rentals, and more so you get the best value. In addition, they also want you to be able to enjoy your business or leisure trip. Travel agents deal with all of the details, so you don’t have to.

Travel Agents Hold The Accountability

When you book your own trip online and there is an error or a flight gets cancelled, you are the one who usually suffers. With the use of a travel agent, clients can be at ease when dealing with issues. Travel agents will take care of solving the problems. On a vacation, you would rather being enjoying yourself than stuck on the phone fixing the problem.

What About Those Service Fees?

Many times travel agents will charge service fees when booking airline tickets, car rentals, hotels/resorts, etc. Many suppliers have stopped paying travel agents commission, therefore, travel agents don’t make much money. These fees allow travel agents to continue booking trips, taking care of all the details, researching, solving problems, and being that someone who will be there with you every step of the way. A $25 fee is well worth it when your flight has been cancelled or your hotel room wasn’t up to par. The travel agent can be on the phone solving the problem far faster than the client doing it themselves. The client can trust the travel agent and enjoy their trip knowing that the problem will be taken care of.

Vacationers don’t want to spend thousands of dollars only to have their phone stuck to their ear if a flight is oversold or an emergency occurred. Let travel agents take over for you. I guarantee that fee will be well worth it.