Travel Agent Training- Packing Like a Pro

Miss Leslie’s travel agent training will show you how to be a great traveler yourself. Check out her packing tips! ♦♦ Traveling abroad or of great distance often entails ample amounts of time. The journey itself, jet lag adjustment period, time zone changes and the desire to see as much as possible due to the expense require … Read more

Travel Agent Training- London Calling!

This week Miss Cynthia’s travel agent training includes a tour of London! ♦♦ London, England’s capital, is a 21st century city with a fascinating history spanning back to Roman times. One of its many iconic attractions include Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London. This historic castle is located on the north bank of … Read more

Travel Agent Training- All in the Fam!

Miss Cindy knows that great travel agent training requires an explanation of “fam” trips. Enjoy her expertise! ♦♦♦ As a travel agent, many fam trips (familiarization trips) come across your desk. These trips are meant for an agent to experience a destination at a greatly reduced rate so that on return, you will become a better … Read more

Travel Agent Training- A Tour of Vietnam!

Check out Miss Leslie’s blog covering her trip to Vietnam- travel agent training in action! ♦♦♦ In the news this past week we’ve seen images of U.S. President Obama in Vietnam on a political, social and economical visit. Wow! This country hasn’t been thought about outside of Memorial Day celebrations honoring our Veterans- or some long-forgotten history class. Why on … Read more

Travel Agent Training on Vacation

Miss Leslie shows you that great travel agent training can happen on vacation. Not only does Miss Leslie have a background as a travel agent, but she also has experience with cruises and other sectors within hospitality. Needless to say, we’re glad to have her at The Travel Academy! ♦   ♦   ♦   … Read more