Follow Me and Follow Up

As career development is an important part of The Travel Academy’s curriculum, it’s only fitting that a blog post should focus on the importance of the all-important “follow up.” So great! You’ve submitted your application and resume. You’ve been selected to have a face-to-face interview. You’ve gone to your interview and knocked the hiring manager’s … Read more

Some Like it Hotline

Yesterday we learned a little about the over-abundance of job information online and the frustration in can cause job seekers. Luckily we also learned that there are helpful sites that sift through all of the garbage and give you nothing but excellent and promising employment leads. One of these sites belongs to The Travel Academy … Read more

Caribbean Day in a Blizzard!

Travel Academy student and staff held their very own Caribbean Day potluck party on Friday, February 21st- which also happened to be one of the snowiest days this winter (so far). However, that certainly didn’t stop the festivities. Many students brought dishes and food to share- some home-cooked and others store-bought, and all of them … Read more

Cruise Ship School Success

Congratulations to Dalton P, Oklahoma, received a job offer for a restaurant steward position with Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL). Currently NCL is sailing the Hawaiian Islands. Dalton would be joining fellow Travel Academy graduates currently working on-board the ship. Dalton is a 2012 graduate of The Travel Academy and has previously been an Admissions Representative … Read more

Over 140 Interviews

Congratulations to our students over the past 10 weeks. There were over 140 interviews for flight attendant, travel agent, cruise line, hotel, and car rental positions. Students at The Travel Academy receive flight attendant training, cruise line schooling, travel agent training, hotel & hospitality training, and more. Through this comprehensive training, graduates are well prepared … Read more

Interviews Galore!

April is just one example of the job opportunities available to our graduates! Whether you are interested in becoming a flight attendant, working on a cruise ship, for a hotel, or car rental, the number of job opportunities are priceless! See the wonderful opportunities April has been presented with below! She just graduated last Friday! … Read more

Travel Academy Changed My Life

“As your most recent attendee and graduate of your academy. I wanted to extend my gratitude for all that was given to me in my training. My tuition fee does not compare to all that I received through the wonderful Instructors who are fountains of knowledge and motivators. They believed in me from day one … Read more

Travel Industry Professionals Graduate

Four Year Colleges versus Trade Schools? Which will get you trained well and working fast in today’s Job Market is pretty clear. “For-profit institutions are often quicker to respond to labor market demands than nonprofit schools and usually focus on career-based programs of study, rather than liberal arts degrees. It is worth nothing that many … Read more

The Travel Academy 120 Hour Graduation

We are excited to send off these polished people into the workforce and the wonderful world of travel. TTA is proud to announce that there have been 36 interviews and 21 hires for this month alone and there is still a week left! Why the exceptional number of interviews and hires? TTA credits the extensive … Read more

Time To Travel

Why are single travels punished? Travel Weekly researched this new clientele and found that for years single travelers have been charged an extra fee as if traveling alone is reason enough to be punished. These fees could be as much as 100% or more of the traveler’s cost. What many companies didn’t realize is, they … Read more