Travel Academy Changed My Life


“As your most recent attendee and graduate of your academy. I wanted to extend my gratitude for all that was given to me in my training. My tuition fee does not compare to all that I received through the wonderful Instructors who are fountains of knowledge and motivators. They believed in me from day one and I felt it through their smiles every morning coming in to class. They asked me how I was doing on a daily basis and if I had any concerns, questions or comments about anything that I could go to them at any time.  I loved coming to class every day. I was respected, given the attention I needed, I was encouraged and they did not doubt my success. 

Housing was a great experience, the apartments were clean, warm and inviting. Meeting and living with my roommates was a great match because we all got along so well. Our daily interaction and conversations were a delight due to that we were all  from different parts of the US and one from Puerto Rico, what a great bunch we were. Thank you Katelyn for your attention to my needs at the apartments if I had any, and for making me feel at home.

Mr. Armstrong, I appreciated your attention from my initial registration process to when I came into your office bombarding you with more questions and concerns as I arrived at the academy. Thank you for making me feel at ease and helping me understand my concerns. You were kind, gentle and the best part of our time was when I walked out of your office feeling  more confident about being your student at The Travel Academy.”


Nora C, California

September-November Travel and Customer Relations Program student.